Friday, September 25, 2015

758. Open Mic stand up comedy by Chriz

For those who know that I do standup comedy, this is a gentle reminder that I am back in the business of standing up and cracking stuff that I call jokes.

I tried my hand in the art of standup comedy after a gap of 5 years. Standup comedy is picking up its pace in Chennai. The humor quotient is going high

I was searching for some spots to launch myself in the standup zone in Chennai and I realized that unless you are a part of a theater group it is not that easy to become a standup comedian. So I opted for plan B to enter this art form.

I chose Open Mic forums. To my happiness I found that the Chennai comedy circuit gave platforms for open mic-ers like me to crack our so called jokes.

Here I was at Llyods tea house with my first set piece on the art of farting. It did not come out well. I wrote my own jokes and shared some incidents from my life. Check the video here.

After my first attempt, I pulled my socks to work on my strong points. I knew my strong point was with the guitar and with songs. So I chose to sing one of my favorite sing along songs adding my own twist to it. To my happiness, it worked. Check the second act here.

Thanks to my friends Prasanna and Kavipriya for capturing the videos in their mobile phones. Thanks for Sharada for partnering along with her standup acts. She is a wonderful standup comedy artists. Thanks for the Chennai Blogger Club family for turning up in big numbers and clapping to glory.

I am writing more songs and all those "so called humour songs" will be unleashed soon. I still dream of a the day when I will be doing my own standup comedy acts. When that day comes, I will come back to this blog post and read this line again and leave with a smile on my face.

Aasai yaarathaan vittu vachudhu


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