Wednesday, September 16, 2015

755. The Facebook dislike button

Marke Zuckerberg finally made the much awaited announcement that facebook will soon be adding the dislike button. The purpose of the button is not to downvote a particular content or photo; but to use it to empathize with someone. 

For example, if someone posts a status stating that someone close to them has died, the dislike button can be used to empathize with the person. Similarly for news on cruelty and terrorism,this button will come handy. This is the real reason for Zuckerberg to add this button.

This button has some hidden strategy too. This will indirectly segregate people based on common likes and dislikes, because the facebook world will eventually use the dislike button to downvote the posts of someone they hate.

In Youtube, if someone dislikes your video, you will not be able to see the person who disliked your video. This allows youtube users to post positive comment and at the same time backstab you by discretely disliking your video. But in facebook, this is not going to be the case.

In the beginning, people will not immediately jump and dislike a post, for fear of being kicked out from the friends circle. But as time goes by, the egos will kick in and they will start using this button mercilessly. This will force people to unfriend each other.

There fore in another year, people will have less number of people in friends list. This will give more opportunities to marketers to conduct focused marketing for their target group. The fans of film stars will soon fight, rip each other apart and rest in separate walls. This might lead to political parties intervening to stop their war. 

More people will be blocked in the future. This will also result in people getting psychologically affected and psychiatrists will have more clients in the coming days. BP problems and Heart problems also will go high. The FB dislike button insurance will soon be availed by everyone in the society.

It will also be used to corner some people and rag them. Girls will think twice before uploading their pictures because there will always the "sour grape foxes" who will dislike their picture. This will in turn create psychological problems for girls.

Mother in law - daughter in law fights will take a whole different route. This dislike button may actually trigger world war 3. Media channels will start posting more nonsense news stating that actor X had a break up with Actress Y because he disliked her picture. There will be media fights on Newshour and Arnab Gowsami will bark as usual.

Mark will not introduce the anonymous dislike feature. We have to go through this phase because facebook literally rule our lives as it is no more seen as a social networking medium. It is much more than that. Facebook has become a part of us.

This is a brilliant marketing move for segmentation, targeting and positioning; but it will have its impact on the emotional health of facebook users. Get ready to get hurt.

- Chronicwriter

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