Thursday, September 10, 2015

754. Similarities between Manmohan singh and Dhoni

These are the similarities between Man Mohan Singh and Mahendra Singh Dhoni

1. They both have the name Singh in their names

2. They both have led India

3. They both did not have proper control of their team. Srini mama and Sonia mami had the remote in their hands

4. They both kept their cool when everyone else in their team went bonkers. See the above picture and see the proof

5. They both were loved by the people in the country, even though their team mates were not really in the good books of other men.

6. Both had a great role in boosting the country's pride. One financially and the other in terms of runs.

7. Both had to take care of a team which had people who were involved in scams and fixing matches.

8. They both were called as dummies by those who hated them ( Refer point 3). But that's not true too.

9. Both had a black sheep in their team. Raja and Sreesanth come to the front please

10. Both were succeeded by leaders who have used the comfort level created by these two leaders.

Yes! I am a fan of both these people. Haters can start abusing me. I know that's what we are so good at. I can already hear a bhakth screaming "Go to Porkistan"

- Chronicwriter

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  1. He is a SAINT. Look at the picture, when everyone has opened their mouth 2 inches width and 1 inch height, he doesn't even let the air out of his mouth.


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