Monday, July 13, 2015

738. The Puke Battle

I drank green tea last night because someone told me that drinking green tea would result in a tighter abs. I don't have a pot belly. But still I wanted a tighter abs. When you are in your mid thirties you go through a phase where you fight with age that is catching up on you. I am at such a phase now.

Coming back to my green tea incident; I drank green tea. It tasted good and I had a good feeling on my tongue. But after 15 minutes, I started burping. The burp marathon went on for the next 2 hours after which I realized that I had a bad tummy. I made frequent visits to the loo and after 15 visits in 5 hours, I found out that I had become size zero.

Because of this pathetic condition I thought of taking an off. But I had an important meeting at my work place and decided to go to work. I even thought of wearing the huggies diaper; but being a brave man, I decided to face the battle with my tummy.

As soon as I came to office, I did a blunder. Even after struggling with a bad tummy, I decided to drink coffee. After completing one cup of coffee, I started having a vomiting sensation. Now I was fighting with the entry and exit points of my body. Both were wanting to break free. To add salt to the injury, my phone started ringing. The ring tone was  "I want to break free" by Freddie Mercury.

My posture automatically looked like a pregnant woman in her last trimester with the water about to break any minute. I moved to the corner of the cubicle where the Air conditioner had less effect on me and I tried to play mind games with my entry and exit points.

When I going through this battle, she walked into the room. She had a heavy perfume on her. I think she poured the whole bottle on her. That was it. I threw up. The carpet has a new design after being cleaned up. I have left my mark. The puke finally won the battle.

- Chronicwriter

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