Friday, June 26, 2015

736. Samsung S4 problems and solution

My Samsung S4 phone had a few problems for more than a year

1) Echo - The hearer would hear his own voice echoed back at him when he speaks to me.
2) No loud speaker - The loud speaker did not work. If I switch it ON, the call got cut.
3) The mute button stopped working too.
I went to the Samsung store a year ago and they said that they have to change the display and that would cost me Rs 7000 for that. 
"RS 7000 FOR THE DISPLAY ?", I screamed inside and said "No thanks", took the phone back with me. 

I was using the phone with all the three handicaps for the last one year.
Last week, when I was getting out of bed, the phone fell down. I reassembled the phone and now I find that all the 3 problems are solved.
If you have any problem with your phone, just drop it down and re assemble them. It works. If it does not work, buy a new phone.

- Chronicwriter

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