Wednesday, May 27, 2015

726. Peeing in Public

Have you gone on college tours?

If the answer is yes, please take a look at the photo album of that tour. You will probably come across a picture that has a group of boys standing in the corner of the road and peeing.

Now! If you are that character who looks down on people who pee in public places, you will not like this post. But you can read this post and curse me in the comments section.

All of us would have had the habit of bed wetting when we were kids. I remember wetting my bed even when I was in class 5. But most of my bed wetting incidents have been for a noble cause. Click here [ link ]  to read one such incident where I saved my childhood sweet heart from dying.

Statistics reveal that 10 out of 10 people who get into swimming pools and stay there for more than 15 minutes will eventually pee in the swimming pool. 

A survey conducted by a top research institute revealed that in water theme parks, nearly 1000 litre of urine is mixed with water everyday. Next time you play in a water theme park, remember that the water that you drink while playing may not be just the pool water.

Can any one use a public toilet in India without closing their nose? You might be able to do that. But I can't. Every time I use a public toilet system, I always close my nose and I never inhale until I come out of the toilet.

India does not have proper public toilet facilities. Even when the toilets are there, they are not properly maintained. 

I have lived in Singapore for three years and only during my second year in Singapore, I realized that the Singaporeans clean the public sewage water and use that as drinking water. In short Singaporeans drink filtered urine. We could do some thing like that.

So next time, don't make fun of men when they pee in public places. If you make fun of them, I will ask Nitin Gadkari to bless you with Muthra Water Services.

(im)Moral  of the post: When you gotta go, you gotta go. Otherwise the tank will burst. 


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