Tuesday, May 19, 2015

725. Chennai's Picasso sells his work of art

Pablo Picasso’s Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O) set a new world record last week for the most expensive painting sold at auction. 

Picasso’s Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O) was painted in 1955 as the final work of a series inspired by Delacroix and painted in homage to Matisse. I do not know who Matisse is and what Delacroix is. I am not bothered to know about these two words.

What bothers me is that a piece of art which is a concocted mixture of breasts and limbs of women was sold for $179 Million dollars. Sadly Picasso is not even alive to know that his art was sold for such a huge price. He does not even get a dime from that money that his art work fetched.

If an art work like that can be sold out for such a price, then artists like me should also get our worth of money for the time and energy we invest in our work.

Most of my readers would not even know that I am a modern artist, a painter. My friends call me as Chennai's Picasso.

I am selling my brilliant art work here. Anyone can buy it. I invite the greatest art collectors and art lovers to place a bid for these art work in the comment section. If you win the bid, you can come home and collect my work of art too. I won't give the auto/ cab fare. You have to bear that too.

The following four work of art are for sale.

1) Marijuana

The marijuana painting is one of the hardest paintings ever painted by Chronicwriter. It took him 23 years to complete this painting. This painting depicts the bad effects of the drug marijuana. Many drug addicts have left their habit after seeing this painting

Art : Marijuana
Artist : Chronicwriter
Art Gallery : Burj Dubao 44th floor reception
Price : USD 324,000

2) Global warming - The art for a cause

This painting is regarded as the best painting ever drawn to depict the ill effects of global warming.

Art : Global Warming
Artist : Chronicwriter
Gallery : The national art museum, Cairo , Egypt.
Price : USD 453,000 only

3) Chinese Dragon

Name of Art : Chinese Dragon
Artist : Chronicwriter
Displayed at : The Lusaunetre Art Gallery,  Belgium
Price : € 456,000 only.

4) Mars Mission

This is a Modern Art by Chronicwriter congratulating ISRO for their successful Mars Mission.

Art : Mars attack
Artist : Chronicwriter
Art Gallery : CBC Facebook Groups
Price : USD 420,000

Let the Bidding begin

Secret Code : Ammaa Thaayae, Bid pannungalein



  1. If you say ... these are your daughter Anya s art work.. you might get better bids...

  2. Great post on famous art galleries.

    It is inspirational and helpful.


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