Tuesday, May 12, 2015

722. Amma gets freed by Duckworth Lewis Method.

The Social Media is going crazy with the verdict given to the Strongest Lady in the country (Miss J Jayalalitha). Reports are flowing in that Judge Kumarasamy made a calculation mistake in his verdict. 

I calculated the sum and it came to Rs 10,67,31,274. I thought that I did a mistake. So I asked a couple of my friends who have done Masters in Mathematics. 

They came up with the same answer. To confirm, I used the scientific calculator that was used by my friend Ashok in the 12th standard public exams and his answer was also the same. Ashok got 200 in that exam. 

After all these, I still asked myself whether I could be wrong. That is when my team of secret agents revealed to me that Judge Kumaraswamy might have used Duckworth and Lewis method to arrive at that figure. 

That gave us a sigh of relief. It seems Judge Kunha is going through the same emotions that the South African Cricket team went through in the 1992 world cup knock out game against England.

This also reminded me of my friend Sundar who scored 198 marks in his exams and he applied for recounting because he believed that he was supposed to get 200. After the recounting, he got 164. He should have been happy with 198. 

A note to Sundar : I have written about you. So as you promised, please treat me.

If only my secret agents had not told me that Judge Kumarasamy has used the DL method for his calculation, I would have written an open letter to him asking him to take Maths classes from Arulandham Sir. To know more about the terror Arulanandham Sir, click here [ link ]

Mean while Ramalinga Raju was also released the same day. 

Sallu Bhai was also released a week earlier. 

When people started crying foul over all these verdicts, I remained calm because I was taking selfies of my new hair cut. 

Yaaru eppadi pona enna? (Why should I care about them?). 
Namakku  selfie dhaan mukkiyam ( Selfie is what that matters to me)
Time to upload the picture as my profile picture and beg my friends to like it on facebook.


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