Monday, April 20, 2015

717. IPL 2015 and my school memories

I am not following IPL as I used to follow the earlier versions. I still have great memories of the first few IPLs. Seeing Ganguly, Sachin, Dravid, Ponting, Sanath and all the legends in action was a treat for our eyes. 

Now, I do not even know which player plays for which team. That is how I am confused now. I was under the impression that Sehwag was still playing for Delhi and I was proved wrong. It is still a treat to watch the Nawab of Najafgarh ambushing the bowlers.

I watched a couple of matches and while watching these I got reminded of some of my school mates.
This blog post is a dedication for those four fellows 

1) Bomb Babu
2) Arun Devanathan
3) Amp  Robin
4) Shakeel Ahmed

If you had read these four names, you would not have understood anything. Some of you might be one of their colleagues. To give you a better understanding about them, let me explain about them in detail

1) Bomb Babu

When ever I see that Dhoni fan, my 6th standard classmate Bomb Babu comes to my mind. Bomb Babu had the Bomb tag attached to his name because he was the King of farts in class. Every one of us were scared to sit next to him. He never worried about the aroma he spread in the class room. One day his Bomb attack became fatal for our English teacher "Megala" who fainted in the class, not able to bear the silent attack from Bomb Babu.

His mom would always add salt to his injury. She used to apply excess amount of turmeric paste on his neck and hands and most of the time Bomb Babu would have a yellow gluey appearance. At times, during his bomb attacks we would get confused whether the substance on his body was turmeric or something else. 
One day he did not come to school. We were told that he was suffering from dysentery. Imagine what would have happened if he had attempted a Bomb while having dysentery. He would have done this painting to people sitting near him.

Now he is the VP Sales of a leading IT firm and is based in the United States of America. If you are his colleague, you would have easily recognised him by now.

2) Arun Devanathan

Arun was my classmate from Kinder Garten to 10th standard. I have had the privilege of being his classmate for 12 years. He used to be the class topper during my Kindergarten days. He lost his studious touch once we crossed the Kindergarten stage. In primary school and in high school, he was failing in almost all the subjects. 

None of us knew how such a brilliant mind could flunk in all the subjects. The teachers spent time with him trying to find the reason for his poor performance. Nothing came to his rescue. Finally the Head Master decided not to allow him to write the 10th public exams citing reasons that his failure would cost the school's hundred percentage pass trend. Arun's mother came to the school, pleaded with the head master and some how managed to get permission for his son to write the exams.

Arun wrote the public exam and he was the school topper with 478 marks out of 500. In the year 1997, that was a huge score. He regained the form that he lost in his kindergarten days. When I see Nehra's performance in this year's IPL, I get memories of his spell against England in the 2003 world cup. Where were you Mr Nehra for the past 12 years? Nehra and Arun are still a mystery for me. I do not know what Arun is doing these days. When I spoke to him a few years ago, he told me that he was planning to become an IAS officer. He might be a collector in some city. 

3) Amp Robin

Robin was my partner in crime during my school days. My name is Christopher Robin and his name was Robin too. We were both shorties and we both were brats. I was a loud talker. He was louder than me and hence had the tag "Amp" attached to his name. He can never share a secret with anyone.

If any one of us were found sleeping in the class, he would come near us and send a blood spurting scream in our ears. It would take an entire week for our ear drums to regain consciousness after going through that strain caused by him.

He was always caught by the teachers for speaking in class and his statement "Miss I did not talk" is still fresh in my memory. Robin came to my mind when I saw Pollard making a mockery of sorts and giving the umpires a dose of their own medicine. I do not know what Robin is up to these days. 

4) Shakeel Ahmed

Shakeel, the richest guy in the class. His father owned some Jewellery store in the gelf. He used to come to school in a Mercedes. He had a pager during my school days. Mobile phones were an unknown entity during our school days. Girls thronged after him to get into his car; he never had a way with them though. He had the best home tutors for him. But still he was the loser in our class. He was the butt of all jokes because he would try to put others down by showcasing his money power. He also failed miserably in his studies. 

The RCB owner reminds me of Shakeel. Mallya has the best hitters in his team; still they manage to lose. No one knows why. I am sure Mallya also does not know the secret. 

Shakeel is now the owner of his daddy's shop in the gelf. We used to call him Shakeela because he looked like Shakeela.

- Chronicwriter

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  1. 1st point and 4th point had glimpses of the Old chronicwriter
    chriz, write more like this. i laughed at your blog after a long time


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