Tuesday, January 06, 2015

694. New Year Plans

I would not call these as resolutions. But I would definitely call these as my "Aasaigal". I have always failed to follow NewYear resolutions and hence I stopped making them.

These are my plans for 2015. If everything goes well, I will be happy.

1) First of all, I am planning to hit the gym and work out. As I have a skinny, small body, I do not look my age. People confuse me for a school boy. It is time for me to hit the gym and pile on some weight. Planning to add 10 kg to my body in 5 months time

2) Publish my book (I have three titles in mind) by the end of the year. I have been saying this from 2008 onwards. If only I had published my book in 2008, things would have been different now.

3) Finalise on one of my talents and move forward. I have been a jack of few trades and I have always been doing many things at one time. As a result, I have not made progress in any of the talents bestowed upon me.

4) Publish 3 spiritual books on Christianity by the end of the year. I am working on the first book.

5) Go on a backpack trip to North East India and record my memories as a photo story book.

6) Regain the humour that I lost some years ago.

7) Take a shift in my career path ;)

8) Become more organised and disciplined. Get up early and sleep early.

9) Stay away from FB and my phone for at least 2 hours in a day when I am awake.

10) Take part in keeping my home clean and my neighbourhood clean too. I have joined a group called Chitlapakkam Rising. I am planning to invest my time and effort in this group.

That's my daughter Anya cleaning the house.She is not taking part in any Swachh Bharat acting program. 

- Chronicwriter


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