Monday, December 01, 2014

689. Moi Moi - My Chinese girlfriend

This is a picture taken on April 24 1992. This picture is close to my heart for many reasons.

1) This picture was taken on Sachin Tendulkar's birthday.

2) I was 10 years old at that time.

3) The place where this photo was taken is Darjeeling.

4) I had just fallen in love with the girl standing in front of me. She is a Chinese girl. She was a 4 year old girl then. I learnt that she got married now and she has named her child "Chriz". That is when I realised that she had also loved me dearly.

5) The shorts I am wearing looks like a boxer designer underwear. I lost that shorts in the train in Kolkatta.

6) I was shivering when this photo was clicked.

7) Moi Moi and I are wearing the same color tops - A clear indication that we were in love.

8) She was a Chinese girl and I am an Indian. It was a Indo China love story that bloomed much before China started exporting cheap products to India.

22 years have gone by. Things have changed a lot. Today when I took a look at this picture, I felt a chilling sensation down my spine and my body literally experienced the chill weather of Darjeeling. For a moment, I felt like Autograph Cheran.

In fact I took my bicycle and started to pedal it towards Darjeeling. Love can make you to lose all your senses and I was a perfect example of that.

Moi Moi! Where ever you are, stay happy!

- Chronicwriter


  1. Haha, I'd like to know Moi Moi is for real :P

    1. Moi Moi is for real. But I don't know if she loved me :P

  2. Ha ha ha!! Is Moi crying in anticipation of d later separation??? Or are they tears of joy?!?!?


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