A friend of mine asked me a very interesting question, "Chriz! How do I convince my wife to allow the maid to sleep between us tonight?". I didn't have an answer for him. Hence I asked my friends to answer this question and many of my friends answered this tricky question. I liked two of the answers. Here are those two answers

Nirmal : Ask him to tell his wife , " our relation is no more pure, its dirty. Someone should help us clean this dirt between us." then his wife would have no choice but to fulfill his dream

Swati Nair : Ask your friend to strike a deal with his wife. This week maid gets to sleep in between, next week maid's husband gets to sleep in between. All settled - every one's happy :)

I forwarded these two answers to my friend and I guess he tried convincing his wife with these answers . His wife has stopped their maid from coming to their house and my friend sleeps in the couch these days. He is not sad anyways, because he gets to watch the football matches on T.V.

His wife also realised that I was the culprit behind the whole drama. I soon got a phone call from her too. I thought that she would scream at me but instead she said," Chriz, Is it O.K to reveal navel in a Saree?". I did not have an immediate answer. So I told her that I would answer her within 24 hours.
Immediately, I started surfing the net to have an idea about the secret behind revealing navel while draping a saree. I happened to see pictures of navel piercings, belly button rangoli, navel maska-chaska and in one picture I even saw more than what I was supposed to see. So immediately I closed that site ( I am innocent and hence I did that decent act.) Still I did not get an answer to the question. I approached my friend "Sweeti Sinta" to help me on this.

She patiently replied , " Chriz, A girl would reveal her navel essentially because of two reasons

1. The girl would reveal unintentionally. But still because of her lean frame, the Saree would automatically move down and rest on her hips. In such a scenario, the bellybutton is available for public display. This is totally unintentional.

2. The girl would reveal her belly button intentionally. Because revealing belly button increases the sexy quotient of the revealer. More over guys like it that way.

Invariably, intentional or unintentional, revealing of the belly button always brings good luck to the nation. It has brought about a great rise in the population of our country too.I also found out from her answer that girls with size zero body like "Kareena Kapoor and co" fall under the first category.But I also found that Kareena intentionally falls under the second category also. I would like to salute all the girls who show their belly buttons. You have made us proud.

I get the creeps whenever I realise that women are doing such a great noble deed for the nation. (Note:A few weeks ago women around the globe revealed their bra color to support Breast Cancer) . Does that mean that Men have not done anything worthwhile for our country? If you think that the answer to this question is YES, then it is time that I told you all a true story.
Six years ago, when Chronicwriter was doing his Masters in Business Administration, he and his friends decided to do something that would get them into the good books of the college management. Chronicwriter used to be a crazy maniac in his college days and he was game for any level of immature act to garner attention (as if he has changed now). The babes in the college gave an open dare to the male community. The dare was to walk all the way from boys hostel to girls hostel. You might think that it was easy. But it was not that easy. The dare did not end there. It had additional responsibilities
  • The guy who performs the dare act, should be wearing only a towel and nothing else (not even slippers) The distance between the girls hostel and the boys hostel was 500 metres. The college was located between the girls hostel and the Boys Hostel. So the guy who performs the act had to cross the college too.
  • Under any circumstance, the boy who performs the dare was not supposed to tell the college management that it was a game between the girls and the boys.
  • A prize money of Rs 5000/- will be given to the winner
I was selected by my friends to perform the dare. Vimal (The guy in blue t-shirt) is an artist and he painted by bare body. My room mate (Joseph Pius) also got a bird tattooed on his back, thanks to Vimal's artistic skills. This picture was taken moments before I commenced my "Navel walk"
Moral of the story : If you are doing your MBA in Rajagiri School of Management in Cochin and if you want to get suspended from college for a week, you can perform this dare act.
Trivia: Gandhiji also revealed his bellybutton when he performed the Dandi March.