Thursday, November 27, 2014

688. My first college bunking experience

This incident is from my Engineering college life. It was the year 1999. I was in first year of the Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering course. Even now, I don't know why I took that stream, nor do I know anything about that stream.

But still I have a bachelors degree in Engineering. That's the irony of doing Engineering in B grade Engineering colleges in India. Let me get back to the topic.

I did my Engineering in Pondicherry. The college was located at the outskirts of Pondicherry - 14 kms from Pondicherry. It was actually in the middle of a forest.

Even if we wanted to bunk college, we had no place to go. The only place we could go was loiter around in the forest. I had never bunked classes during my school days.

During the first year in College, I found that the faculty was not experienced and they had no clue just like the students there.

Some of the professors just mugged up the books and vomited on us. This is what happens when freshers are employed as lecturers by the college management for less salary.

I had three close friends in my first year of College. Ramesh, Jerry and Ravi. All of us had never bunked classes in our school life.

So we decided to bunk class during our first year in college, travel 14 kms to Pondicherry, watch a movie and return back to college by evening. As it was our first bunking experience, we did a lot of planning.

Step 1: The movie was selected. It was a new release called  "Sethu"
Step 2: We arranged four guys in our class for giving proxy attendance for us.
Step 3: We hatched a plan to escape from our campus that had huge 10 feet compound walls. First we decided to escape from class after the first period was over. We decided to go to the boys hostel rest room which next to the 10 feet tall compound wall. We planned to get on top of the rest rooms in the hostel and decided to reach the compound wall and escape from there.

The day started well. The sketch went well as we had planned. After the morning assembly was over, we went to the rest room. We stayed inside the rest room till the classes started. Then we sneaked out of the rest room.

We all got on top of the rest room. I was the smallest of the four and I climbed the wall in a jiffy. Jerry and Ramesh also joined me soon. But Ravi was on the fatter side and he found it real hard to get on top of the rest room.

I tip toed on the roof of the rest room ( Asbestos Sheet) and reached the wall. Jerry and Ramesh followed suit. We jumped on the other side of the wall and waited for Ravi to reach the wall.

All we heard was a shattering sound. We understood that Ravi had placed his legs in the centre of the aspestos roofing and it shattered.

We did not know what to do. Then we heard an agonising cry which sounded like Usha Uthup's voice in G major scale. It was Ravi. We climbed back into the college and found Ravi inside the toilet with a broken arm.

The next moment , we lifted him and carried him to the college Administration room and soon we were in the college van accompanying Ravi to the hospital.

We created a story too. A big stone was placed in the CRIME SCENE to tell the college authorities that miscreant from outside had thrown a big stone towards the college hostel and Ravi happened to be a victim because he was taking a dump in the loo.

For the next three months, we had security around the boys hostel toilet. I am revealing this secret after ten long years. Well! That was my first college bunking experience.

Note: Is this a true story? You gotta ask my college friends. Ravi, Ramesh and Jerry! I request you guys to confuse people even further.



  1. Haha... Extremely funny! Reminded me of a few experiences in college/hostel as well.

    I love your blog! Some of them are awesome at so many levels!

    - Faithful anonymous follower

  2. Usha Uthup on G Major... Thats OK Dude.. Wait till you hear her do the same in "F"!

  3. When you're bunking college the most funny things happen and then you try to do this more often. Unfortunately your scores become lower and you need to find someone for writing an essay for all the courses you took. And you face the problem of money lack and get into debts. Then bunking doesn't seem so funny anymore.


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