Friday, November 14, 2014

684. Children Day is also Tuning Day

There is a Child inside everyone of us. I can see Pregnant ladies smiling for that line.

Even if you are 50 years old, you tend to let out that inner child out once in a while. During such occasion, people around you might tell you to act your age.

14th November is one day you can be all that you want to be. I remember my childhood days and when I think of all the crazy stuff I had done, I often ask myself "Why did I grow old?". My alter ego will immediately tell me "Dai! You are still young".

I believe the more you tease someone you either kill him emotionally or make him stronger. I have gone through emotional abuses as a child from my so called friends. That did not kill me. It made me strong.

There was a time people used to make fun of Sreesanth for his antics. But he proved his mettle in the 2007 world cup. Regarding the spot fixing scandal, I still believe a big gang is involved.

Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Sir Jadeja, Nehra were characters that were made fun of at different point of time. They all answered their critics with their performances. Actor Dhanush is also one example.

Today is the birthday of Tuning King Lingu. He was such a respected director till he released Anjaan. Then he has become the centre of all jokes. Meme creators have a whale of a time when ever they see him. The once respcted director is now treated as a joker. This could change if he could bounce back.

80 % of the people who made fun of Lingu and his movie Anjaan had not watched the movie - Spy report 2014
14th of November should also be celebrated as Tuning Day. This is my humble request to those who draft the History books. Why should Chacha Nehru have all the fun alone?

In Tamil Chacha means "Chithappa". But instead of calling him as Chithappa, we address him as "Maamaa". That means Indira Gandi is my Mora Ponnu. There must be some conspiracy behind this maamaa -chithappa confusion.

When I was a child, my cousins and I would stand near a wall and pee on the wall and would compete with each other to see who can pee higher. I used to be the winner almost all the time. It has been a long time playing this game. Now I am gonna call my cousins and challenge them once again to rekindle memories that are buried for more than 20 years.

If you as a reader can provide your house walls for us to stage our competition, please send your address in the comment section. We will paint your walls with uric acid.


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  1. I like to take you to the great wall of Sina. Will that suffice?


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