Tuesday, September 23, 2014

676. What's in a Cleavage?

Warning : If you are not comfortable reading this post, I request you to close this page now and leave right away. Don't read the whole post and end up saying "You should not write explicit stuff like this".

My friend Swats encouraged me to write this. Thank you Swats :)

Recently TOI created a stir by writing an article on Deepika padukone's cleavage. A special camera man who carried an expensive camera waited for the opportunity to click a top angle shot of Deepika's cleavage. The Kuppai article is here [ link ] They used a one year old picture for writing that article. After some war on social media sites, people started pouring out their support to Deepika

Deepika Padukone got furious and responded bravely showing beautiful reflexes which resembled her dad's reflexes at the net. Check this [ link ] to know how Deepika responded to Times of India. After her response, support for Deepika grew.

Deepika 2 - TOI -0

Even though there were some supporters for TOI, the tide shifted in favour of Deepika. So the think tank of TOI got together and came back with a stronger reply which was nothing but cow dung material. Times of India's response is here [link ]. 

The social media activists again got busy taking sides. Somee ripped apart TOI. Some started giving moral advice to Deepika and some started attacking Pakistan. Even Lady Gaga was brought into certain discussions.

This is Priya Gupta - The author of that article in TOI.

There was a time when Sify came up with such non sense news. But TOI has taken it all to a whole new level. The paper has now almost become a soft porn material.

Another rumour is floating in the Internet  circle that this whole fiasco has been planned by Deepika and Times of India to promote her next film HNY. I am not sure how far this is true.

 An on-line friend of mine Preethika shared the following picture on her wall. This is the kind of news TOI recommends to its readers. Journalism has gone down to such stooping standards.

Times of India journalists should meet this girl who implanted a third breast [ link ] . Will they have more readers who will be more turned on seeing two cleavages? Will Arnab Gowsami have a Newhour session on Times Now? The Nation really wants to know

No one has written an article on our very own Heroes of Tamil cinema who have flaunted their cleavages. 

And finally before I end, I want to make it very clear that when there are cameras around me, I am gonna wear Chinese coloured shirts. I am not gonna show cleavage. I am a homely traditional guy. 

I miss the pure journalism of Doordarshan days (Sunit Tandon and Usha Alberquerque! I miss you both big time.)

Jai Ho. 



  1. hrrrrhhhhmmmpp why are we into each others business for something so insignificant. Of all the time spent on DP's cleavage we could have read something(else) new, learned a new word in Japanese or even taken a trip around the world. Who cares who's cleavage is seen, when and how its seen and why? TOI has been soft porn material for 10 yrs now. I couldnt open the paper w/o blushing in front of my parents(now i dont care) The Hindu still has some charisma left but the print is way too small ;)

  2. I wonder what TOI will come up with the third breast article. "OMG, 2 cleavages and a single woman"?? I am being subtle in my language. Shame that a paper just went naked in the public. Good one chris. Keep writing.

  3. Unfortunately what TOI printed is part of the reason why they are the best selling paper in India. I'm also surprised that people are upset. This is TOI. What else do they expect? Bollywood actors/actresses also have no right to complain - An industry which makes movies with soft porn like story lines and uses titillation almost all the time to sell can't complain.


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