Friday, August 22, 2014

671. Kaakaa Pi

If you do not understand Tamil, you might misinterpret the post title and relate it to LIFE OF PI. Let me make it simple for you. Kaakaa Pi in tamil translates to Crow Shit. If you are giving that dirty stare and thinking "Why would this idiot have to write an article on this topic?", I assure you that there is a reason behind this post.

My friend Anjali pinged me and said "Hey Chriz! I dare you to write a post on the title I give you".

I was confused for sometime on what she had in mind because of one reason - she is crazier than me and she does weird things that you would even scare to dream of. Now if you are gonna search my FB friend list for Anjali, let me assure you that I have changed her name on purpose. I took her challenge. She gave me three topics for blogging. I am supposed to write on all 3 topics. The first topic she gave was "Kaakaa Pi". I will try to maintain decency, dignity and decorum while attempting to write on such a dangerous topic.

Kaakaa Pi

Kaakaa (Crow) is the most populous and popular bird in India. It can be found everywhere across the country.

You can find a kaakaa in the poorest of poor slums in the country and also in the house of Ambani.

Statistics reveal that every human being above the age of 3 in India has been a victim of Kaakaa Pi.

The crows have covered the largest land mass across the country in shitting space. We will analyse strategically about the biological activity of crows in this post.

1.Kaakaa Pi in tiffin boxes

Every school student in India would have had the experience of receiving a surprise kaakaa pi in their tiffin boxes during their lunch time. Many of us have even tasted kaakaa pi by mistake thinking that we are eating pickle or thovayal ( a coconut based side dish).

Crows have the knack and aim of correctly dropping their magic portions inside the tiffin boxes. The children of today are missing this great gift mainly because there are no trees in schools these days and children seldom sit under a tree to have their lunch.

2.Kaakaa Pi on National leaders

Kaakaa's have the audacity and courage to shit on the statues of National leaders. In India ,you can't find a single statue without a stamp of authority from the rear side of a crow. Human beings can never even think about doing this. It is a crime to do such an activity on the statues of national leaders and if anyone does that , they will land up in jail.

3.Kaakaa Pi on cars.

Anyone who owns a car, would have wiped kaakaa Pi from their car windshields. If you own a car in India and if your car has not been blessed with love marks of a crow, it should be a miracle of sorts.

4.Kaakaa Pi on heads.

Crows have the amazing ability to aim right at our heads too. If a crow shits on your head, just add a little water to it and ruffle your hair. It would act as a wonderful hair gel that is far better than any hair gels you will find in the market.

If you are wondering why the crow in the picture is so fat, let me tell you that she has a full tummy and she is just about to do her magic. Believe me it is a crow and not a black pigeon.


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  1. This is the old chris I know. I am sitting here and controlling my laughter in my cubicle.

  2. Rofl. Waiting for the other two topics :D

  3. the kaaka that you have shown is actually a pigeon.

    1. This is why you should read the post fully (especially the last paragraph)

  4. hmmm...well...interesting.. seethangol!! :D

  5. Ha ha ha .. Wah! Wat a creativity?!! Fingers crossed for d other two topics.. Nanbenda ( nanbi huh).. Neenga la nalla varuvanga...

  6. Interesting, is this like a officially correct version like "poop"/"potty" or the general slangy/crude version like "shit"/"crap".

  7. ewwwwww thala... ... ethana vati vanguninga


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