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664. The different types of Boys you can find in a College

I have already written about the different types of Girls you can find in a college. Some girls sent me messages saying that I am a Male Chauvinist Pig and I make fun of girls all the time. This post will prove to them that I am indeed a MCP with a Feminist heart.  All the pictures used in this post are added here after getting consent. Any resemblance to any human being living or dead is purely done with a bad intention. 

The different type of Boys you can find in a college

1) The guy who knows someone who knows someone

This guy is an influential guy in college. He knows the first cousin's brother in law of a famous politician or a film star. He comes in handy in inviting a popular VIP as chief guest for inter college festivals in college.

2) The axe effect guy

He never takes a bath. He sprays a bottle of axe all over his body with hopes of getting girls crave for him. But nothing works for him. He stinks like a rotten cabbage. His mouth also stinks big time and people run away from him.

3) The Bike  Boy

He does not ride ordinary bikes. He comes to college in one of those super bikes. Girls go crazy about his bike. They expect to go on a ride with him. But he loves his bike more than the girls. His bike is his babe. Sometimes he takes the girls for a ride like Pearce Brosnan.

4) The Body builder

He spends 2 hours in the class room and spends more than 6 hours in the gym. Girls go gaga over his body. He has six packs and tight abs. He will be automatically selected for the College fashion ramp walk team. This guy would be seen wearing tight linen shirts and blue jeans trousers to college.

5) The Scientist

He is the brainiest fellow in the class. Very few people can comprehend the thought process of this guy. He is way ahead of time, space and energy. Every class has this guy. He would be indifferent in the classrooms; but when he takes those seminars, he shows his class.

6) The singer

He can be seen singing songs in the class rooms when the lecturer is absent. He finds a way to sing in college culturals. He thinks that the girls are behind him; but the lead guitarist steals them all from him.

7) The dancer

He is the first one to enter the dance floor when the music is played. He has all the moves. He can dance stop like a marathon runner. This guy always has a big fan following in college.

8) The Ladies man

Every girl in college like this guy a lot. He is the Charlie who is surrounded by his angels in college. He usually drives around in a car.

9) The Sentimental Coolie

This guy has a story that he discloses only with girls. He will be seen talking to a girl mostly on his phone. He will create sympathy by putting himself down and he does that to get attention.

10) The farter

This is the eternal garlic eater. He is a mobile chemistry laboratory in the college. When he is around, you can always smell that bad smell. In the first few days of college life, he will not get caught. But sooner or later everyone in college will know that he exists. When there is a bad smell in the classroom, everyone will look at him.

11) The eater

This guy eats all the time. The lunch boxes of the girls will often go missing and you will know who has taken it. He can single handedly gulp 12 full tandoori chicken in one go.

12) The outstanding guy

This guy will never be inside the class. He is always up to some mischief. Lecturers do not like him. He spends most of his time standing near the door of the class. The lecturers always give him low marks for the internals. But this guy has the last laugh always by clearing exams and settling down in some foreign country

13) The guy who loves the lady lecturer

In every class there will be one guy who has the hots for the lady lecturer. He shows no interest on the girls in his class or in his college. His only aim is to get into the heart of the lady lecturer. When the particular lady lecturer is absent, this guy becomes sad. This guy also knows where the lady lecturer stays. Such people have high probability of becoming entrepreneurs.

14) The drunk communist

This is the most SPIRITed guy in the whole class. He is always high. Books and girls do not turn him on much. Alcohol does the trick. He knows every single detail about all kinds of drinks. He is a mobile TASMAC. He is one among the very few human beings who still opens the bottle cap with his teeth - "An artform that is facing extinction". These guys can be trusted.

15) Mr. Saint

Mr Saint does not talk bad words. He is the peacemaker. He always walks around with a halo around his head. The professors love him. The classmates respect him.

16) Mr. Peter

This guy is the direct descendant of Queen Elizabeth. He speaks only english and nothing but english. Even when he falls down, he will say "Mummy" and he will not cry out in his mother tongue. He is the grammar Nazi.

17) The Villager

You can take a villager out of a village. But you can never take the village out of a villager. This guy has his own dressing style in college. He has his own rules and no one questions him for fear of being beaten to death.

18) The studious guy

This guy sits in the front bench of the class. He is the lecturer's pet. He studies all the time. He gets good internal marks. He gets placed first. He is different from the rest of his classmates.

19) Pickup, drop and escape

This guy is one character whose mobile phone will be flooded with phone numbers of girls. He is a champion of sorts in two-three-four-timing. Girls fall for him even after knowing very clearly that he will ditch them.

20) The anna

On Raksha Bandhan day, he gets the maximum rakhis  tied to his hands. He is the universal brother of the girls in the college. He is also the anna of the lady lecturers and he is also the anna for all the girls in the near by colleges.

21) The comedy piece

This is one guy who is usually the butt of all jokes. His personality is such that everyone loves to make fun of him. As I did not get permission from my friend, I am not adding his photo here.

22) The Michael Jackson

He is an irritating character. He knows only two dance moves - 1) The MJ crotch grab and 2)The MJ moonwalk. He calls himself as the Michael Jackson of the college. He wears MJ T shirts and for college culturals he dances for MJ songs and makes sure that he showcases his two trademark moves.

23) The prankster

24) The thief

There is a thief in every class. He steals money, clothes and anything that he can lay his hands on. Except for underwears he steals everything.

25) The professor's son

There will be one person in your class who happens to be the son of the professor. He will also be the mopst idiotic dumb guy in the class.

26) The sleeper

This guy is born to sleep. He sleeps in the classroom; he sleeps in the examination hall and after getting a job, he sleeps at work place too.

27) Arrears Specialist

This guy has arrears in all the subjects. He is the official photographer of the college. The girls love him because he takes portfolios for them. But he will somehow get placed much earlier than others and eventually will clear all the arrears in one shot.

28) The Sportsman

This guy almost plays all the sports. He will be always representing the college in some sport. He does not attend classes much; but still the lecturers love him because he is the pride of the college and he has lot of fans.

29) Mr Committed

This guy has a girlfriend and he never lays his eyes on any other girl. The other girls may try to get his attention all the time. But he has his heart, soul and mind for only the girl of his heart. Eventually he marries his lady love.

30) Tease my class-girls and get a punch guy

He is the hulk of every classroom. He stands 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 100 kilograms and one punch from his right hand will land you in the mortuary. You are not supposed to mess with the girls of any class where there is a hulk.

Shabba! My hand is paining now. I am stopping this post here. There are many more different characters that I have not mentioned in this post. You can add them in the comments.

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  1. Dude, I would have written 20 blogs, instead....

  2. Also you missed the guy, who wants to change the world, the revolutionary.

  3. Mr.Committed ! Ya ! When I have a wife so perfect n beautiful, why not ? :D

  4. Mr.Committed ! Ya ! When I have a wife so perfect n beautiful, why not ? :D

  5. That's a cute couple. Who are they?


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