Sunday, July 20, 2014

663. Music Composition with Daughter

I started composing music in the year 2008. Most of the music compositions have been for spiritual songs.

Being a stand up comedian, a few of the songs have been in the humour stream also.

This song might help a few who are in the initial stages of music composition.

Many people have different styles of music composition. This post is on how I compose a song.

I always compose the tune first and then write the lyrics for the tune.

This is not the usual practice adopted by many musicians.

But I am comfortable with this method and this is what I follow.

The steps I follow  in composing a song

1. Identify the mood of the song.
2. Try a chord progression for the song.
3. When the initial chord progression is ready, start writing the lyrics for the song.
4. Care should be taken to see that the lyrics fit the mood of the song.
5. The rhythm pattern is very important while composing a tune. A wrong rhythm might change the whole mood of the song
6. Think about the music instruments mix and the voice combinations that would add value to the song.

I was planning to write a funny song for kids and I was ready with the first 3 points mentioned here.

Just when I was about to pen the lyrics for the song, my daughter decided to join me in the music composition session.

As I did not have the lyrics ready, I decided to just use the words "Bomchiku Bomchiku Bom" for the whole song. She liked the song and danced along.

Should I add lyrics to this kids' song? or should I just leave this as it is?




  1. Lol : ) I only watched the video. ( need not mean that I was dreading the music - only misplaced the earphones )

    Your daughter is cute and coy, hiding behind your back like that :) She will make a great dancer someday..

  2. Nice one :) song is good as it is - no need for additional lyrics :)


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