Wednesday, July 16, 2014

662. The Flash Mob Memories.

Five years ago, flash mobs made its entrance into India. Suddenly you will witness a flash mob happening in a mall or in a hotel or in big grounds where crowds gather. The concept was new to India and people started recording the performances with their mobile cameras and started sharing it on social networking sites.

These days Flash mobs have become a nuisance. In a wedding I attended recently, there were close to around 100 members in the audience and in the name of flash mob all of them started dancing. 

Flash mobs are supposed to be surprises; but these days my friends invite me to malls saying, "Come there, our team is doing a flash mob".

This reminds me of an unforgettable experience that happened in the year 2008 at a friend's wedding. We as a bunch of friends were crazy about dancing and we planned to do a flash mob at one of my friends' wedding. 

We decided not to tell the groom and his family and planned it as a complete surprise for all of them. There were 12 of us who hatched this plan. So here we were practising for a mishmash of four songs " Billie Jean + Nothings gonna change my love for you + Mambo no 5 and ending with Congratulations".

I was the usual aarvakolaru of the gang and became the choreographer for the dance moves. We planned the sequence in such a manner that I would start the dance act with my moves for Billie Jean  and  five others would join for "Nothing's gonna change my love" song for which I had planned some salsa moves. Then the other 6 were supposed to join for "Mambo no 5 and Congratulations". 

The practise sessions started two days prior to the wedding. We even planned for our surprise entrance and all of us started dancing with synchronisation. I was really happy. 

It was a Christian wedding and it happened in Chennai in Cathedral. The reception took place in a prestigious hotel in Chennai. The crowd would have been close to 1000.

I approached the sound guy and gave him the CD and told him about the flash mob and told him to wait for my cue to start the music. He said that no one has done a flash mob at a wedding before and it would be one of its kind. He even promised to record the video on cam. 

Then I approached the EmCee and told him about the plan. He was excited too and he told that it would be great if the dance could happen after the first two events. 1. Welcoming the guests 2. Cake cutting for the bride and groom

Our flash mob was strategically placed at third position and I told the EmCee that as soon as the bride and groom feed each other with the cake, we would start dancing. He agreed to our plan.

Here I was waiting to make my moves to floor everyone in the crowd. I chose a smooth floor in the hall where I could showcase my moon-walk skills. I even dreamt of making the crowd go wild with the secret moves.

The reception started with the Bride and Groom making their way into the hall. We all rose up from our seats and started clapping. I looked around and all the dance mates were equally excited because we knew that we would be dancing soon. 

Then the EmCee made his appearance on the stage and welcomed the guests. He cracked a joke or two and tried to make us laugh. But we won't laugh for mokka comedy and hence we did not laugh.

Then the announcement was made that the bride and the groom will cut the cake and would feed each other. The crowd started clapping. They cut the cake and fed each other. I looked at the sound guy and gave the thumbs up sign. He immediately hit the music. I just needed that. The moment I was waiting for finally arrived.

I jumped to the location and showcased my moves. The people around me had not seen a flash mob in their lives and they were surprised. That's what I wanted. The moonwalk came to precision; but to my surprise no one clapped. They were having the "What is this idiot doing" expression on their face. 

Soon the first song got over and the second song started playing. I looked around to see the 5 others to join me for the salsa routine. Three pairs were supposed to dance for this song. But all the  padupaavi fellows escaped from the scene. I started to panic. 

I searched for my dance partner and she was missing from the scene too. I tried to make up with my own solo moves for the first two lines and after that I did not know what to do. I felt like crying and after a few seconds I couldn't take it any longer. I ran away from the scene and when I emerged out of the hall, my friends started laughing at me.

Those idiots had actually pulled an epic prank on me.Later I heard from a few friends that the people at the wedding thought that a drunk guy got high and did some silly stunts at the wedding only to run out of gas and run away in the end. After that I never said yes to any flash mob invites. 


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  1. Just reading this made me laugh so hard. It would have been the most priceless show to watch in a wedding. Is there a video of the event?


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