Wednesday, July 09, 2014

661. The three Comedians in Parliament

Rahul Gandhi created a Nation wide stir by sleeping in the Parliament. News media started criticising his act. The special reporters of Chronicwriter Media also sprung into action to investigate the reason behind Rahul Gandhi dozing off in the Parliament.

Talking to our special correspondent, a close aid of Rahul Gandhi said that Rahul Gandhi was very tired of staying up all night watching the world cup football matches on TV. Sources reveal that 7-1 molestation done by Germany on Brazil might have reminded Rahul Gandhi of what BJP did to him in the elections. It is believed that Rahul Gandhi was planning to make India participate in the 2018 world cup.

Another friend of Rahul Gandhi told that Rahul Gandhi was following Abdul Kalaam's words of dreaming for a better India by the year 2020. Take a closer look at this photo now. See how peacefully Rahul Gandhi is sleeping.

Researches show that all the brilliant minds like Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Archimedes, Alia Butt also sleep in sitting posture with their heads tilted towards their right shoulder. Rahul Gandhi also joins this elite group of scientists. Jai Ho.

If you carefully look at the above picture, you will notice two famous comedians from the South Indian film world are also present in the picture. The person in front of Rahul Gandhi is the Tamil comedian Late Nagesh sir. The person behind Rahul Gandhi is the Malayalam comedian Mr. Innocent. You might think how Nagesh sir could make an appearance. If Dinosaurs can make an appearance in Jurassic Park because of graphics, this is nothing.

The world has failed to notice the other two comedians and concentrated too much on the comedian between them. It is high time the people of our Country started noticing other people too.



  1. Sir... I am laughing like anything in office now. My boss has come out of the cabin and is staring at me


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