Monday, July 07, 2014

660. FIFA copies from Tamil Movie

Gone are the days when Tamil film directors copied storyline from Hollywood movies. These days our Indian directors have started to steal scripts from Korean and Iranian movies. The movie lovers easily find the difference between the copied movies and original stuff. 

I am not labelling all movie directors as copy cats. But there are many who fall under that category. Many of them go and hide behind the term "Inspired". The word "Inspired" is now used to denote "Copied shamelessly".

In a recent development, the team of detectives from Chronicwriter Detective services Company have found that FIFA has copied a scene from a Tamil movie. The sad part is that the copy cats from FIFA have not yet given the due recognition to the original founder of the scene.

Among many new innovations in the 2014 world cup football, the striking one is the white colour foam that is used by the referee when the freekicks are taken. This foam disappears after 2 minutes. Many football lovers have lauded this new technique used in this world cup.

The world should know that this technique was used by Kaipillai's assistant in the movie winner just before Kaipillai says "Indha bordera thaandi neeyum varapadaadhu, naanum varamaatein." in the year 2003. Talking to reporters Kai pillai said that people copy stuffs like this and they fail to give due recognition. But still he forgave FIFA when he said "If my ideas are copied for a good cause, I welcome it"

Chronicwriter feels that FIFA has done a great deal of injustice to Kaipillai and his "Carefree Youth Team" (varutha padaadha vaalibar sangam). The readers are requested to share this post far and near and make the world know the real founder of the "Dont Cross" line used in the world cup. Justice delayed is Justice denied. Kaipillai needs justice. The wrong doers should be brought before law and they should be hanged.


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