Sunday, June 22, 2014

655. Why this Paadal? - The making of the song

Making funny videos has always egged me in the past. The last funny video I made was a year ago. Yesterday (21 June 2014) is not just the longest day of the year; it was also the day when we wrote the song " Why this paadal?"

In the morning Bragadeesh Prasanna (A good friend of mine for ten years) came home. He has bought a new bike and he rode his bike from the other end of Chennai to my house. Apparently both of us blog too. We were chatting to glory when we suddenly thought of inviting our Blogger friends to my place.

Immediately Bragadeesh called Gokoulane who is known for his ability to sleep in any place and at any time. A Mobile App developr by profession, Gokoulane came home in just ten minutes. After he came home, we went to a near by lake and started chatting. I was personally meeting Gokoulane for the first time.

We then decided to call Vidhya, a Carnatic singer. She is also the sister of Shakthishree Gopalan. Vidhya soon joined us. While we were discussing on various topics, we suddenly came across a topic of paying tribute to Chennai. "Lets do a song then" I said.

Note books were pulled out. A pen was taken from Anya's toy box. Gokoulane and I started writing the song. We did not know how to start the song. So we decided to make that as the first line of the song

Why this Paadal? 
Adhudhaan Thedal

(Meaning: Why this song? That's what we are searching for!)

The first two lines were ready and we had a sense of accomplishment. After this first two lines, Vidhya started humming some tunes and got ready to compose sweet music for the lines. This got us going further. Next Gokoulane came up with two brilliant lines

Kekkura neenga Loosu
Paadura naanga massu

(The listeners are idiots and the singer is great)

Vidhya immediately protested and told that she would not sing these lines. We tried to convince her that it would go well with the audience and that they would like it. But she put her foot down and gave a firm NO. When I tried to convince her more,She reminded me that she punches people badly. We immediately changed the lines

Kekkura neenga massu
Paadura naanga loosu

(The listeners are great and the singer is an idiot)

She showed us the fist. Gokoulane and I are quick learners and immediately sunk into action. The final lines were ready. 
Kekkura neenga massu
Pudichirundha Naanga passu

(The listeners are great; if you like it we will pass )

Vidhya said OK and started humming. The lyricists got back to action.

Chennai fulla Veyilu
Trackla paayudhu Railu
Chappanikku jodi Mayilu
Cooumdhaan Chennaiyin Nileu.

Vidhya got ready to sing. I took the mic I use for recording.Vidhya did some sound check of the song on Gokoulane's ears and he was the first person in the world to download the song directly into his ear. Then this song was recorded in my Samsung S4 Voice recorder. Bragadeesh was the production manager of this song.

It just took 30 minutes for us to write, compose, sing and record the song. The video for the song is also ready. Check this song and if possible share this song on social media sites. If we get 1 Million hits, we will be signed by Apple records. We hope you like this song. 

Based on the response, we will be recording another song that depicts the spirit of Chennai.



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