Friday, June 06, 2014

649. Are we buying Junk ?

In the month of May, a man sold the word "THE" on eBay. Surprisingly he got more than 40 people bidding for his sales proposition. See this [ link ]

My friend Ashok asked a question on Facebook why Delhi Daredevils are not yet sold on Internet sites yet? A very valid question. The game of cricket was sold to sponsors long time ago.

A few years ago, I tried to sell my underwear on Ebay. No one bought it. A screenshot of that is added here for the Viewer discretion. Back then, no one wanted to buy that underwear. Now after so many years, it has become a "Vintage wear". I am planning to sell it online soon. Keep tuned to this Blog to buy it.

Click this [ link] to read the post I wrote in 2009 when I attempted to sell the underwear. The word "Vintage" indeed has some magnetic power. You can sell any old junk you have at home by adding the tag "Vintage" to it.

A few months ago, I saw a handbag in a trash bin in my street. I picked the bag from the trash bin, cleaned it and added the tag "Vintage Hand Bag" to it and even sold it for Rs 300/-. This is when I found out that one can sell anything and everything Online if only they have the knack of selling things. The picture of the "Vintage handbag" in natural settings is shown in the picture below.

When you have not taken worm tablets for more than 6 months, you tend to behave in a weird manner. I behave in such a manner all the time irrespective of whether I have had worm tablets or not. Today I attempted to Sell "OLX" on "OLX" itself. I am expecting some buyers for this.

In today's world the words "50 % Off" , "Discount", "Buy one get three free" have made many people to buy things that they would have never bought in the first place.Our buying behaviour is not based on our needs. It is based on the "Brainwashing" done by the advertising guys. (Chronicwriter is an advertiser too).

Unless and until we start using our brains and ask ourselves "Do I really need this thing that I am going to buy?" we would continue to buy junk and our houses, cupboards, wardrobes will be full of junk.



  1. I felt as if you slapped me. I was laughing and reading the post and the last two paragraphs made me think. Thanks boss

  2. Now there are so many stuff online that people are tempted to buy anything and everything .... I know girls who buy high heels online because of discounts and they never wear them as they don't know how to walk with them on .. :/ how lame !!!! but at the same time if we analyse and buy , online buying is great and saves lot of money :)

  3. "The" can't live without it


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