Tuesday, April 22, 2014

640. Dr.Vijay shocks NaMo

Recently NaMo visited Dr.Vijay and shook hands with him. When the meeting took place, Actor Vijay's left hand was free. Usually in similar situations, Dr.Vijay uses his free hand to protect the back of the person who stands next to him. 

In the movie Pokkiri, he safeguarded Asin's back from UFOs. In another movie, he safeguarded Nayantara from alien attack. But the same care and affection was not given for NaMo by our Dr. Vijay.

Such a disrespectful act has never happened to NaMo ever in his life. Even Karan Thappar's questions did not hurt NaMo this much. It has been found that NaMo even cried on his way back after meeting Dr. Vijay.

This shocking irresponsible act of Dr. Vijay has infuriated the NaMo supporters to a greater extent. Is that an indirect signal given by Dr.Vijay that he was not supporting NaMo? We have to wait and see. 


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  1. you should write a few articles for the faking news, but you have to bit more edgy.


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