Wednesday, April 16, 2014

636. Ten Undeniable Truths

1) When a guy says to a girl that he wants to be friends with benefits, he is not at all concerned about the Friend part.

2) When a girl decides to break up with a guy, no matter how hard the guy tries, the girl will not change her mind

3) People share Status messages and Posts on FB to get likes and Comments. Many will deny this.

4) Cursive writing has no value. The ugly your handwriting is, the more money you earn!

5) Memorial service is a function where people gather to tell lot of lies about a dead man.

6) Tshirts, socks and Underwears get dirty. You have to wash them regularly. But a denim jeans trouser never gets dirty. You can wear them for ever.

7) If you are driving a car, all the others on the road automatically become your enemies.

8) No one likes Arnab Gowsami #Hi5

9) Death is a certainty for all of us. At some point of time, it will be all over.

10) Men do not understand the nonverbal language of women.



  1. Veetla semma adiya? So many thathuvams!!! :))

    1. vettiya sitting and scratching my belly and hence the thathuvams

  2. there is also an false accusation about who used to write in cursive, all the friends in our circle used to say me U scored just only cause of cursive writing. AAdikku oru thadava ammavasaiku oru thdava vangunalum ipdi solranunga :D


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