Monday, April 07, 2014

631. Cars and Human Beings

I certainly believe that when you drive a car for a long period of time, you develop a bond with that car. My three year love with the alto I drive is so profound that I don't have words to explain. It is one such car that others would hate for the lack of comfort. My car can't be driven that easily by anyone else. The clutch plate is loosely tuned so that only I could drive it with ease.

There is a Tamil movie where Rajnikanth drives a car which he calls Lakshmi. He develops a bond with that car that it listens only to him. The name of the movie is Padikadhavan. We used to laugh at that scene where it starts when he says "Lakshmi please start". 

When I was contemplating on the human behaviour of cars and how they are engineered, I started to focus on the exterior design of some of the cars I saw on the Indian roads. Some of these cars are designed based on human beings. I might be wrong in my thought process; but I would ask my readers to look at the following three pictures to similarities between the design of a car and a structure of a human being

1) The WagonR = Flat butt human being

2) Maruti Swift = Fat Butt Human being

3)Honda Brio = Low Hanging Trousers

No wonder I start ROFL when ever I see a Brio.



  1. Sir neenga inga iruka vendiyadhe illai - NASA-level ku think pandrenga!

  2. You have shared really a worth things and truly you have said right. I'm totally agree with you and want to say that yes there are a relation between cars and human beings. Thanks :)


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