Monday, March 31, 2014

629. Shocking Prophecy by Prophet "Sadhu" Chronicwriter

On 31st March 2014, the world renowned prophet -" Rev Dr Apostle Prophet Appatucker Sadhu  CHRONICWRITER" made this astounding prophecy. The prophecy is added below

" My Dear Mortals of India, 

Within One month, the Nation will witness a great shocking incident because of the Angels standing near the Indian Ocean. This Angel will be riding a purple horse and he will carry a bucket of purple ink which also might look like blue ink (In some cases, it is also black in color). The underlying thing is, it will be INK. The Ink angel will pour out his spirit on many people in India. These common citizens of the country will have this mark on their fingers. Many such victims will take a picture like this and upload on Facebook.

This prophecy will come to pass. It will happen. I am the first prophet to predict this great apocalypse that is gonna attack and suppress and oppress the nation. This prophecy is not prophesied by anyone in this world. Even the saffron color frock wearing Sadhu who appears in a Christian TV channel has not got this revelation.
 Jai Ho"
- By First class Prophet
Rev Dr Apostle Prophet Appatucker Sadhu CHRONICWRITER".

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