Thursday, March 27, 2014

626. How to clean the BCCI mess?

With BCCI getting into a lot of hammer and tongs, it is high time necessary actions are taken to clean the mess created in the cricketing scene.

The Supreme court has asked Srini mama to step down. Meiyappan must be laughing his bowels out now after hearing this news. Supreme court has also axed Rajastan Royals and Chennai Super Kings.

But if you look at this picture of Srini mama, would you believe that he is a culprit? He has a milk flowing face . If he wears a saree, he would look like the Tamil CM Amma.

There are suggestions going around the cricketing circle that Sunil Gavaskar should be made as the Chief of the BCCI. He is not like Sreeni maama to just hold on to his post. Gavaskar can walk out any moment he feels like doing so. He has walked out of matches in the past too.

The following are some of the steps suggested by Chronicwriter to clean BCCI

1) Srini maama should be made to go through the newshour debate by Arnab Gowsami. It will be mutual punishment for both. Subramaniam Swamy should also feature in that debate. He will prove that Srini maama's son in law is Rahul Gandhi and not Meiyappan.

2) Instead of making Gavaskar as the BCCI president, they should appoint Sunny Leone as the BCCI head. There will be lot of transparency in BCCI.

3) Ravi Shashtri should handle all press conferences for BCCI and Navjot Siddhu should narrate Shayaris in the press conferences for BCCI

4) Vote for Gabtun Vijayakanth this year. I don't know his party's name. But that does not matter. Just vote for him. Entertainment guaranteed. This point does not help BCCI in anyway. (As if the previous points were of any use)

5) Swami Nithayananda should take over as the spiritual advisor of BCCI. This is one thing BCCI always lacked

6) Ashish Nehra should be banned from cricket. He bowls the last over for India; India loses. He went to Pune Warriors, Pune Warriors went out of IPL. Now he was selected for CSK; CSK is scratched. He should be sent to Pakistan now.

7) MS Dhoni even won the world cup with Joginder Sharma and Sreesanth in the last over in a world cup. He can still do it. We all have to wait and see.  (How does this become a step to clean BCCI? Who cares! Just shut up and read on...)

8) When supreme court blew CSK's whistle "sangu" sound came. (Soora Mokkai! #selfthoo)

9) Shashi Tharoor , Lalit Modi would be having a whale of a time now. Sreesanth would be dancing in his bathroom too. So please vote for Narendra Modi.

10) To Hell with BCCI. Let us go and play kabbadi!



  1. LOL...... and play kabbadi! // I am in!!!! :P

  2. lol. good one.. like your suggestions!!

  3. Mudila....was reading this enroute office in the bus and was lol :D others might have mistaken me as loosu :D

  4. Lol....was laughing badly as I was reading this...travelling in bus to work this morning :D

    Arnab Jibe was cool... But u forgot the famous: "The nation needs an answer" remark :D lol

  5. I never thought i will connect to anything related to cricket...!!!
    Man i am laughing ...and just gave ur link to my TL too :D
    Good job...!


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