Tuesday, March 25, 2014

625. Gab Retorts

Some jokes sound really good in your mother tongue. Tamil is a wonderful language and some jokes that you hear in Tamil lose their beauty when they are translated in English. I have still attempted translating some Tamil jokes to English. Check them out here.

Wife : Honey, please come soon. Our son is crying
Husband : How many times have I told you not to go near him with that heavy make up


Light Bulb : Edison
Radio : Marconi
BiCycle : McMillain
Telephone : Graham Bell
Theory of Gravity : Newton
Exam : If Only I find that guy, I'll murder him


Smile, when you are happy.
Smile, when you are sad
Smile at all times.
Only then people will realize that the nut is loose up there

A Riddle :

It looks like a cow! But it is small. What is it?
Don't know the answer!!!
Ok! The answer is  " A Calf"


Five things I like about you
1) Your eyes
2)Your smile
3)Your hair style
4)Your personality
5) Your heart; because even after knowing that all these 4 are lies your heart still believes them.


Dad : What were you doing last night in your room?
Son: I was studying for exams Dad
Dad : But the light was swithced off in your room
Son : I was so busy preparing for exams, I din't notice that at all.

- Translated to English by Chronicwriter

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