Friday, February 14, 2014

618. How did CSK buy Nehra for 2 Crores

Nehra - the man who single handedly crushed England in the 2003 world cup has gone into a hiding in the last one decade. He has sent his alter ego to play for the last ten years. He is a master bowler when he bowls those last overs.

He has a predictable slower ball that would be swapped for a six by a tail end batsman.
He has a perfect slower ball which he never disguises and that ball automatically ends outside the stadium when the batsman make contact with the ball.
He also has a deadly yorker which often ends up as a juicy full toss for batsman to clear the boundary with ease.
He also bowls the fast wide, beamer and wide bouncer that automatically will make the opposition to win matches with ease.
Nehra has been there in every nail biting finish in all the matches he has played for the country or for the IPL team he has been a part of.

This year (2014) Chennai Super King did the unthinkable act by buying him for Rs 2 Crores. CSK would call this move as a top secret move from their part. This article shows us what exactly happened inside the IPL acution room when Nehra's name came for auction

Next one up is Nehra for a Base price of Rs 1 Crore

Note : For those who are making fun of Nehra , remember that he will be the game changer at this year's IPL.

Additional Note : Will CSK be allowed to play at this year's IPL?



  1. Boss Ishant Sharma va ippidi than kindal panninenga he is taking wickets now. Hopefully Ashish Nehra will read this post and bowl well for CSK :)

    1. Yes. I remember how Jaddu was treated last year and how he turned out to be. Hopefully Nehra might do the trick this time


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