Wednesday, January 22, 2014

614. Psychology of Indian Cricketers and Fans

I am an ardent fan of team India. Indian cricket team is known for their amazing performance in the home turf. They are also known for their dismal performances in foreign soil. Everyone knows this truth and let us not get into a debate on why they behave like that in different conditions. The following pictures give a very clear picture about the psychology of the Indian Cricketers. You will understand this post better only if you have seen Comedian Vadivelu from close quarters.

1) Indian Cricketers / Fans/ Media when India plays in home soil.

2) Indian fans when India plays in Home soil

3) Indian Media creating hype before Indian cricket team starts playing in an away series

4) Indian cricketers playing against the opposition in away conditions

5) The Indian cricket team returns home from a heavy mauling

6)  Die hard Indian cricket fans who never lose hope ( Chronicwriter belong to this group) 

So far we analyzed the psych of every Indian when they play home and away matches. Now let me dig a little deeper and analyse the psych of an Individual Indian cricketer when he plays matches at home and abroad. Just by looking at the picture and his mustache, you will understand who this cricketer is.

1) Psych of the Shikakaaai Dhamaaal when he plays in Home conditions

2) Shikakaaai Dhamaaal preparing to play in foreign conditions

3)  Shikakaaai Dhamaaal walking in to open the batting for India in foreign conditions

4) Shikakaaai Dhamaaal's wide array of shots in away series.

Finally the Indian fans response to the other teams

- Chronicwriter ( A true Indian Fan- Jai Ho)


  1. Now that's really cool. Very much suits the current situation. lol

    1. this has been the case always .. except for the 1983, 1985 wonders

  2. Good one.. I wish I can show this to non-Tamil friends... Well done !

    1. @David Jaikumar : Hopefully they will get an idea by looking at those pictures

  3. That's really ROFL one! Thanks prason

  4. hahahah... gr8 analogy :)

  5. You still watch cricket? Aren't you bit too old for watching games and stuff. Not doing old people's things like politics and stuff?

  6. Replies
    1. Avaru evergreen thalaivar. He suits every situation


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