Wednesday, January 15, 2014

613. How to tell the difference between a Cow and a Bull?

Today is Cow Pongal. Cow Pongal is a Tamil festival where Cows are dressed up in Halloween costumes and people play the holi festival on the same cows by spraying colors on them. 

The Cows and Bulls are treated with respect on this day. Even though Chronicwriter is crazy about Beef Fry, he refrains from eating Beef on this day as a mark of respect for the cows and the bulls.

In some parts of Tamilnadu, men play Kabbadi with the Bulls and this game is called as Jallikattu. The bulls are made to run one after the other in a track and hundreds of men will attack the bull and eventually some guy will tame the bull. This guy will then be crowned as the jallikattu champion. The Bulls that beat all the men till the finish line get a crown too. 

I always have a great problem in finding the difference between a bull and a cow.

Finding 1:

Some say that the bull has a longer nose than the cow. 

But in such a case, if there are two bulls, should I treat the bull that has a shorter nose as a cow? I can't. So this argument goes Invalid.

Finding 2:

The Cow moos and the Bull Boos. 

Going by that example, I would even have problem in misrepresenting human beings for Bulls.

Finding 3:

Cows do not shit. They only fart. On the other hand Bulls always shit and they never fart. This is why they never use the slang "Cow Shit". People always say "Bull Shit"

Though this argument sounds logical, I don't think it is true, More over I can't wait that long for the animal to do its excretory activity to identify if it is a cow or a bull. What if it is a cow? It won't shit at all. It will only fart; and every time the cow farts, I would get reminded of my friend Robert. I will dedicate a separate post about the fart attacks of Robert.

Finding 4:

Cow's don't have horns; Bulls have horns.

I know this is a wrong finding.

Finding 5 :

Milk the animal. If you get milk, it is a cow; If the animal smiles, it is a bull.

Now I know how to differentiate between a cow and a bull.

Happy Cow Pongal.

Do not eat cow meat; But you can drink their urine. It is called Komiyam. ( I am a vegetarian for today)


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