I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day on Facebook. She told me "Chriz! You have become very serious in life. You ain't funny anymore. What happened to your nonsensical comments?" This made me think for a while. I decided to act funny ( a little more hyper than usual) for a day. I started posting nonsensical comments on my friends' photos and status messages. As a result four of them unfriended me. 

Some of the comments are for public display here. To protect the sanctity, privacy and personality of some of the friends (including those who unfriended me), I have blurred their images and ID names.

1) Pepper the cat

I know it is not that funny. That's the exact point I am trying to make here. I can be less funny too.

2) Airtel data charges free ( Is this some sort of SEO key farming?)

The above comment  might be cliche. Notice the timing. I blurred this image because the ID belongs to a super hot girl :)

3) The man with a housecoat

How many of you have peed on sidewalks? 

4) The Christmas mood girl

Yes! She unfriended me :)

5) What about Trisha's life?

He unfriended me too

6) Money can't buy my phone

Anyo one want to buy my old phone?

7) My dentist friend's magic

Now on, I will have to find a new dentist

8) She unfriended for what joy?

Seriously! Does this comment deserve an unfriend response? But who cares?

Now I know how to reduce the number of people in my friends list. I will be trying this experiment again on some of your walls too. If you want your wall to be featured in my blog, just drop in your need and want and desire in the comment section. Satisfaction guaranteed.