Sunday, November 17, 2013

597. Daddy Enakku Oru Doubtu

Every one of us have questions. Every magazine has some sort of advice column where people send questions for which they need answers. Some questions seem very genuine; some are not. But there are some questions you never know whether they are genuine or not. The popular TV show "Daddy enakku oru doubtu?" has unearthed the agony columns in magazines. The following questions are posted at Chronicwriter. 

1) Dear Chronic, 
My name is Alea. My husband is 7 years younger than me. I am 7 years older than him. Can you tell me why my cat Willy is behaving odd these days?

Dear Alea,
Your cat Willy will behave normal when she turns 7

2) Hi Chronicwriter,
I am a boy in class ten. Can you tell me why I watch pornography?

Dear Alan,
You watch pornography because you are alone most of the time. Start hanging out in groups.

3) Dear Chrony,
You think you are funny. But you are not. You are a prick. Go to hell

Dear Anonymous,
Thank you

4) Chronic,
My wife is cheating on me. She is 5 months pregnant and I have not seen her in the past one year. Should I tell this to my girlfriend who is 2 months pregnant with my baby?

Dear Steve,
Are you sure that your girlfriend is pregnant with your baby?

5) Hi there,
There are two women who stay near my apartment. They are always together. I have never seen them interacting with men. Could they be Lebanese?

Dear Peter,
Did you mean Lesbians? If so, the answer is I do not know.

6) Dear Chronicwriter,
I joined the army to save our country. Now I want to save myself. How can I?

Dear Anonymous,
Where ever you shoot brings glory to our country. Stay there.

7) Dear Chrony,
My wife is 57 years old. She gets angry very often. Do you think she is going through Mental Pass?

Dear Siva,
If you had Menopause in mind, then yes she could be on it. But does that really matter?

8) Dear Chrony,
I am a girl. What should I do?
Girl 18

Dear Girl 18,
I am a boy. What should I do?

9) Dear Chrony,
My son married a girl and within 5 months they had a baby. The baby weighed 3 kilograms. They said that the baby was premature. Can a baby of that size be born this early?

Dear Fairy,
The baby was on time. The wedding was late.

10) Dear Chrony,
My husband is 75 years old. He still chases women. What should I do?

Dear Glory,
There is a dog in my street that chases my car eveytime. Some time it catches up with my car; but it does not know what to do after that. So do not worry. He ain't any better than the dog. So don't give a damn.



  1. Form dip aagara madhiri irukku saar - sachin retire aanadhuku feel pandrengala!

    Mooku aanalum saeri doubt aanalum saeri not your usual style!

    Watching too many Telugu movies and efect of expect the unexpected I guess :)

    1. Yes true.. :) Have to pull up the socks. Right word at the right time.

  2. enaku oru doubt...answer this also

    1. Question to a girl - shopping or boyfriend?

  3. thala! as usual your last line was ultimate. reminds me of joker's mad dog.


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