Tuesday, October 08, 2013

595. On being Short

In school, I was the shortest boy in the class. Can you imagine that I was just 4 feet 4 inches when I was 17? Yes I had to go through great ridicule all my life because of my short stature. This picture was taken in the year 1999. I was in class 12 then. I looked like a class 5 boy then. I am standing in the front (on the extreme left)

But some how during my college days, I added one more feet to my height and ended up with Sachin Tendulkar's height.

Advantages and Disadvantages of being short

1) You can sit in the front bench in class and you pass off for a very good boy.

2) You can still qualify for half tickets in buses and trains.

3) You will not get to sit on the seat of an auto-rickshaw. You will have to sit on some one else's lap

4) They do not select you for basket ball and volleyball.

5) You will not be selected for the school play as the Hero. The only role I got in school play was that of a dog.

6) You will never be able to reach the top shelves in the super market.

7) Every one else's shirt fits you like a tent. Your shirt doesn't fit anyone

8) You have to shop in the kids section to get a shirt and pant of your size.

9) When someone hugs you, your face will usually be buried in their armpit

10) You are an halwa for your seniors in college for ragging purposes.

11) You have to use the child wash basin in restrooms

12) Most of the weights in the gym are not for you. They are for big people

13) When you sit on a chair, your legs doesn't usually reach the ground. So invariably you will end up swaying your legs and your legs become tired easily.

14) Riding a bicycle is a herculean task. You can't reach the ground by sitting on the seat.

15) In family photographs you will be asked to sit in the front along with the kids.

16) Some one will tell you to stand up when you are actually standing up.

17) Finding a partner of your height.

18) Your girlfriends who are already taller than you will wear heels and make you look even shorter. To add salt to the injury , they will also take a picture along with you and share it on FB

19) People younger than you might sometimes call you "Hey younger brother"

20) Heavy winds might even knock you down. So stay indoors.

21) Your friends will always have to give a low five to you

22) You will always have to roll up your jeans trousers.

23) When you are in a crowd , you will have to jump to see something that others can see without jumping

24) When you go on college tours and when all your friends get to sleep in bunk beds, they could reach the ceiling with their legs; but you couldn't do so.

25) When you enter a pub, the bouncer doubts that you are a kid and asks your ID proof.

I have experienced all the 25 things stated in this post.

Note :  My kindergarten girlfriend "Renu" might be in this picture :P



  1. Inspired by my post of tales of a tall guy?? :)

  2. Dynamites come in small packages! So beware !

  3. Good one :) Inspires me to write one on fatties :)

  4. Even my condition was same. When i was in class 8 ,i was 4ft 2inch ,about 10 of my class were more than 5ft8inch. In that 4 were girls and i was not even reaching their shoulders. My shoulders were below their waist. While standing in line after girls height i was to continue behind them so seeing into their face and talking was paining my neck bcoz u have to raise it too high to look into eyes of 1.5foot tall person....

    they were making fun of me by hugging me from behind with heals to say your are same as my legs

    they were intentionally making me to stand bw two tall girls in tutions to answer questions

    funny thing is their elbows were touching my cheeks and they would make use high heals to place their elbow right on my head and making me equal to their leg height and they were loving to rub my hairs and hold my cheeks

    but now i am 5ft 6 and not feeling too shorty in front anyone

  5. Same as u bro .... My height was differed by more than 1.5 foot with girls when i was in class 8 . And remembered they were making me to stand bw two tall girls while answering questions that time their elbow was hitting my cheeks and they were loving to lay their hands and elbow right in my head and were hugging me with heals to make me to match thir waist level. Unless i was not reaching their shoulders properly

    and i was raising my head like anything to look into,their eyes . They were also leaning so much to speak in my ears and it was loving moment to see their eyes directly and touch above their head was awesome . They were forcing me compare with them their height and size of palm would make me to feel them,as elder sister who is 10 yrs elder to me


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