Wednesday, August 21, 2013

591. Anna, show your hand.

Anna is the tamil word for Big brother. Raksha Bandhan is a day when all the girls in India tie raakis ( a piece of thread) around the wrists of their brothers. It is also a day when girls strategically tie raakis on the hands of guys they don't like. The rogues in college have more number of raakis tied around their wrist on Raksha Bandhan day.

The best advice I can give to the men is to go on a hiding during Raksha Bandhan celebrations. The girls will never tie raakis around the wrist of handsome men. So if you are a good looking dude, you need not worry. If you are a John Abraham, Hrithick, Aamir look alike, you can walk like a king on this day.

Let me share my horrific experience.  It was the year 2001. I was doing my 3rd year engineering during that time.  In that year raksha bandhan fell on 4th august (saturday) and friendship day fell on 5th august ( sunday ) . As both the days fell on a weekend, both the days were celebrated on friday ( 3rd august 2001). We were not told whether we were tied by a raakhi or a friendship band. Unfortunately I had around 30 raakhis around my wrist at the end of that day. No bachelor should go through the same pain.

This is one Anna 

This is another Anna 

But the sad part of the story is that the above two Annas were never tied with a Raaki in their whole life. 

This is another Anna. 

Chronicwriter was in love with this Anna during his college days.

The following picture was the Anna of our country (Thanks to Charan for this picture)

For all men who are scared of Raksha Bandhan, please check this post [link]


Monday, August 12, 2013

590. Thalaiva Moview Review

When actor Vijay acted in movies, he had a good fan following. His acting in the movie Kadhalukku Mariyadhai made many youngsters to fall in love. Then he followed it up with many good movies. But as days passed by actor Vijay transformed into Dr. Vijay and that is when he stopped acting.

I had written a moview review about his movie Sura. After that it has been a while since I wrote something for Dr. Vijay. As his movie Thalaiva is going through a heavy turmoil, I decided to stand up for him and voice my support for the Ilaya Thalapathy. 

This is my review about the movie Thalaiva!

I am not going to write the story line nor am I gonna comment about the technicalities of the movie. 

Spoiler : Lion King + Anjali BGM + [Nayagan/Godfather/Sarkar image] + Mega Serial direction = Thalaiva

Daddy lion ( Underworld Don) gets killed and little Simba (Dr Vijay @ Vishwa) steps into his dad's shoes and becomes the Anna (Nayagan) of Mumbai. He becomes the Savior of the city as he single handedly abolishes corruption, rape and all the baddies. This kind of story is never ever made in the history of cinema.

The heroine of the movie is Amala Paul who actually looks like Amala Coffee. She has donned the role of Vijayashanti IPS and acts like  strict officer. Her presence in the movie is totally not necessary. There is another heroine in the movie too. 

The songs in the movie do not gel with the movie. The songs are like the answers we used to write in college exams. They are long , totally unrelated to the question; but still fetch good marks.

In one scene Dr.Vijay tries to cry like Nayagan Kamal Hassan. I cried too. Kamal Hassan would stop acting if he sees that scene. 

Sathyaraj has excelled in acting. But when ever he appears on the screen, the Anjali film BGM is played and we get the feeling that we are watching a Maniratnam +Illayaraja movie. The movie is very predictable and even a kindergarten kid can predict the scenes. There are a few predictable twists in the movie.

Finally the movie runs for almost 3 hours and that is a real torture for the viewers. As a Dr.Vijay fan, I watched the full movie, survived the horror. I am seriously hoping Vijay to do a movie like Kadhalukku Mariyadhai / Poove Unakkaga / Friends / Pokkiri /Gilli.

He does have the acting skills and the dancing talent to pull it off. But he is still trapped in the web of poor scripts and pathetic directors. The tag line for the movie Thalaiva is "Time to Lead". In reality it is actually Time to select good scripts".

Rating - 2 out of 10 . 

The 2 marks are for Sathiyaraj's performance

I left Santhanam out of the review because he is there in every other movie and he sure can make every one laugh.


Sunday, August 04, 2013

589. Happy Friends Hip Day

Today is Friendship day it seems. I came to know about it through facebook. My News feed is crowded with all friendship day messages. People copy some quotes and post it as their status message and even go on to the extent of tagging me to those nonsensical messages. 

One guy posted a picture of Rajnikanth and Mammooty from the movie thalapathy and tagged me and said "Our friendship is like this". I was like "Are you serious mister? We have not talked in ages, and I don't even know what is going on in your life. Why suddenly so much love and affection?"

Is it because he loves to recognize me or Is it because he loves to recognize a particular day and used my name for that purpose? I really don't know the intent. In future someone might even say that friendship day is a day that is celebrated to honor the friendship between Rajnikanth and Mammooty. (Varalaaru Romba Mukkiyam Amaicharey)

Friendship is pure like these two boys who have bared it all to do the metabolic activity. They would have learnt this technique from the four lions that stand behind each other in Ashoka Pillar. But many of us do not learn anything from friendship unlike these two boys.

We are all sucked into this whole big thing of making some day popular and then wishing each other on that day and spreading artificial fake plastic love that does not mean anything to anyone. In fact the whole friendship day concept was started by Hallmark cards to sell their greeting cards. 

Friendship is a hard word to explain. No one knows what it actually means and I am not gonna give any definition to it. I suck at that. But even if I try, the closest example I can give is Someone who can give their life for you is a friend. See I told you guys! I suck at that.

Let me come back to the topic. Posting a picture of two puppy dogs doesn't make you and me friends. 
Another person just tagged in a picture that had a shoe flower in it. How on earth does that convey the meaning of friendship to me? 

How on earth would posting the video "Hai Dostee" song on my wall convey your friendship to me when  you don't even bother to help me when I was in need?  Friendship is more than all these things. I would rather celebrate Friends Hip day because at least it has some meaning it. Friends who do not have hips - please excuse me. (TR Rajender is excluded)

I wanted to post my own hip to send a strong message to all my readers. But If I post my hip picture, people might start donating to this page thinking that it is a page for raising funds for needy people from Somalia. 

Happy Friends Hip day to all my friends.


Friday, August 02, 2013

588. Arnab Gowsami to get Vocal Training

Arnab Gowsami is India's best talker. Many people can hear his voice very clearly even when their TV mute button is on. Such is the power this guy has on his voice. His thundering words "The nation demands an answer" is a phrase that even babies in the tummies of their mummies would have heard. 

Though he is supposed to be one interviewing others, he ends up answering to the questions he poses to others. In a way, those invited by him for interviews often end up listening to his non stop jabber.

How ever his voice is an irritating cuisine for everyone's ears and because of this reason many people have bleeding ears between 9pm to 11 pm IST. Confidential reports reveal that Arnab Gowsami must have been an agent planted by the ENT specialists across the country. 

Because of one man, many ENT specialists are earning their livelihood. The hospitals are overcrowded these days and some people are found bleeding through their nose after listening to Arnab Gowsami's non-stop jabber talk.

India's leading Voice expert - Mr Anant Vaidhyanathan is now being approached by PETA to train Arnab Gowsami's voice. The stray dogs across the country have promised to refrain from mating till the training period is over.

Anant Vaidyanathan has trained many noteable muscians like Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Chitra, Navjot Singh Siddhu, Rani Mukherjee and Om Puri. 

With his training Arnab Gowsami might become a future musician also. If the training go as planned, then Arnab Gowsami might even get to sing and act in the next Ram Gopal Verma film.

Note to Arnab Gowsami : The nation needs to see you singing a duet with TR Rajender in Kural TV. Please fulfill the nation's wish.