Wednesday, May 22, 2013

575. Sreesanth is innocent

Everyone is blaming Sreesanth for spot fixing. Those who copy in exams, those who do not follow rules, those who cheat, lie and do all sorts of nonsense have finally got their scapegoat. This time it is Sreesanth. Yes we will talk about this issue like how we talked about Cronje , Azhar and Jadeja  and after sometime we will find some other thing to talk about. Life moves on. As Sreesanth is the hot topic, let us see the different reactions various people might have because of this issue.



  1. P James magic show was ultimate, good one!

  2. this post is very different

  3. A typo when Arnab addressing Nithi, it should be "Mr.Nithi im not talking to you"

    1. Yes, I noticed it now. Thank you for notifying. I could edit it if it was editable.

  4. I recon you should have a facebook group or something else, to share some regular and mini fun stuff! U are amaaaazing!

  5. yes P. James magic show. Highlight. But nowadays can't see his signatures on any of the walls. May be he dint pay to fixing-the-spot-on-walls to politicians. Lol.


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