Monday, April 01, 2013

569. Keep your home cool this summer

Summer time in India always is a dreadful period indeed. If you live in Chennai, you would really know what I mean. You would sweat like a pig and you will stink during summer time. 

Travelling in the public transport during the summer season is the biggest punishment you can give someone.

Summer in Chennai will reach 45 degrees this year and this has caused lot of panic for everyone in this place. Many other parts of India will also go through the same problem.

To stay away from this summer heat, people run to hill stations like Kodaikanal and Ooty. These hill stations were once Honeymoon spots. Now a days these spots have become like a fish market. There is no privacy for honeymoon couples, so the honey moon couples have started celebrating their honeymoon in Tambaram Railway station and Ranganathan Street in T Nagar.

As the temperature is gonna soar high people are gonna have a tough time this summer. Everyone are installing ACs in their houses. But the problem in Chennai is that the voltages are pretty low in  many places. The rest of Tamilnadu has to first search for some electricity to run these ACs. In this post chronicwriter gives free tips to keep your house cool during the scorching summer heat.

1) The Jute bag effect.

Buy as many jute bags as possible. Dip them in water and put these jute bags on the terrace. They will absorb 25 % of the heat from the sun

2) Neem leaves and white sand

Mix neem leaves with white sand (the one that we get from river beds) and sprinkle this mixture on the terrace / roof tops. This will absorb heat by 30 %

3) Coconut fibre and charcoal

Spread Coconut fibre on the terrace. Pour water on them. Sprinkle charcoal on them. This would suck in 50 % of the heat and this is a wonderful heat absorber.

4) Newspaper

Stick newspapers on your window panes. They are amazing heat absorbents. They reduce the harmful sun rays from harming you

5) Papaya seeds

Take a glass of water and put papaya seeds inside the glass. Now keep the glass on your window sill.  You can keep glasses on all window sills. Heat absorbent factor is very high in this method.

Try these methods. Have a cool summer.

Note: No one has tried these methods before. If you try these methods, you will be the first person to implement these strategies.I am not the only jobless fellow around. Join the club



  1. Wonderful post and very useful one.

  2. haha! I wonder how you think and come up with all these ! :) loved reading it :D

    Keep smiling,

  3. I was surprised with some of the tips mentioned here. I was used to reading, have plants, put up curtains, paint the walls white or install fans. They all sound funny but i can give it a try or maybe i can have a whole house fan installed instead.



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