Monday, April 01, 2013

568. How to know if your wife is angry?

If you experience the following incidents in your life, chances are that your wife may be angry with you.

1) When you ask her a question and when you don’t get a reply she is angry with you

2) If the vessels in the kitchen create lot of noise your wife is angry with you

3) If there is more salt in the food she is angry with you

4) If you get the same breakfast every day she is angry with you

5) If there is no salt in the food she is angry with you

6) If there is no food, she is deadly angry with you

7) Forget her birthday and you will experience her wrath in full flow

8) Try changing the TV channel when she is watching her favourite serial on TV. If you do that you will experience any of the first 6 points in your life

9) When you are asked to sleep on the couch she is angry with you

10) When she asks you “Do I look fat?” , just understand that it is a trap. If you say Yes, you are in trouble. If you say No, you are again in trouble. If you keep quiet, there is more trouble. So what should you do?  Anyway she is gonna get mad at you. So just do what you wish to do and earn the wrath of your wife.



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