Tuesday, March 26, 2013

565. IPL - season I don't know

I have really stopped counting. I don't even know what season of IPL this is gonna be. Still it is one event that comes every year during the exam season and it is one event that makes everyone to sit in front of their TV sets in the evening. I just did a google search to find that this is gonna be the 6th IPL. I still like the marketing strategy of Lalit Modi of how he took the second edition to South Africa. Such strategies will be missed.

What's so great about IPL 2013?

1) No Pakistan players

Yes, This how we wage war. If there is any friction in the border, we punish the Pakistan players

2) No SriLankan Players in Chennai matches

This is like asking a piles patient to brush his teeth and telling him that it will solve his problem.

3) Vijay Mallya's RCB

This team is like the Indian cricket team of the nineties. The Indian team had Sachin. When he falls, the rest of the team falls.Similarly RCB teams relies heavily on Gayle. Though the team boasts of other big hitters like Virat Kohli and ABDV, they just play their part in one match or two. Gayle is the big stay.

4) SRK's KKR

KKR  were the surprise winners of 2012 edition of IPL. They are usually the jokers of IPL; but last year they surprised themselves and that made SRK to do somersaults after their win. Very few know that Juhi Chawla is also the co owner of the team. SRK will smoke inside the stadium and create a stir and media will write about him. He has been doing the same stunt all these years and he will do it this year too.

5) KingsXI Punjab

When you don't allow Pakistan players to play in this tournament, you have to have the talent of Azhar Mahmood who has found a way to play in the IPL. This former Pakistani big hitter is now an English citizen and he spearheads the bowling attack. He is the player to watch.

6) Chennai Super Kings.

The most overrated team in the IPL. They did not make it to the finals of 2009. But there is something in them that makes many to like them ( including me) and many to hate them. Dhoni will make sure that they lose many matches in the league phase and he will also make sure that they will somehow scrape through to the knockout stages. This team also has SIR Ravindra Jadeja

7) Delhi Daredevils

This team is the mystery team. They are the strongest team on paper but when it comes to reality they struggle a lot. This is a great opportunity for Virender Sehwag to cement his place in the Indian team. His performance in this tournament will determind his future in the Indian cricket team.

8) Rajastan Royals

They have Shilpa Shetty in their team. They have four players who are in their late 30s and early 40s. They are indeed an ageing side. But they can sure spring a surprise like they did in the first edition. The wall captains this team and he will have the huge task of managing Sreesanth.

9) Mumbai Indians

Sachin Tendulkar. You  don't need any other reason to watch this team play

10) Pune Warriors

Led by Yuvraj Singh, this team doesn't even know that they exist.

11) Sunrisers Hyderabad

When the deccan chargers team were replaced by the Sunrisers, little did anyone realise that this team will make a big impact. But in the world of politics, they say that the sun never sets in Tamilnadu even if they are not in power. Owned by Sun Tv, this team has lot to prove.

12) Commentary team

The commentary team will be headed by Shastri and Siddhu. I would personally love to see Arnab Gowsami in the box too. The fourth innings team will also feature some old cricketers who will sit on either side of one less clothed woman.

Gayatri Reddy will be missed. This post is dedicated to her.

In future we will see cricketers playing the matches near the boundary and the cheer leaders , Mohammed Kaif and Katrina Kaif dancing in the pitches. Katrina will do a dance act in the opening show of this year's IPL

The MRF blimp will be missed this time. But we will have lot of entertainment that will deviate us from doing our regular duties. We all need some excuses and IPL 2013 will sure help us find new excuses.


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