For all those who came to this page searching for a topless picture of Tamanna, I wanna first welcome you to my page and wish you a happy valentines day.

Today I wore a green shirt and green trousers to work. My colleagues were in for a shock and some of them started advising me telling that I should have worn a red dress and not a green attire. That is when I remembered that red underwear of mine that superman lost in my blog four years ago.

If you take a closer look at my pants, you can see that it is actually a military trouser. So it is actually a statement saying that I am a strict oppicer.

Coming back to the subject line, I am sure that many came here searching for some skin show. When I look at the statistics for this post, I will get an idea of how many readers came here for what reason. :p On the internet every one is a dog. Yes every single person is a dog. But no body knows you are a dog. So don't fret. 

I think I have tested your patience with this blog post. So those who have read till this part are the lucky ones who will get to see the topless picture of Tamanna. Click this  [link] to see the topless picture of Tamanna. I am the first person to release this picture. This is gonna go viral and believe me all you readers who were lucky to catch a glimpse of the picture will have a place for me in their hearts from now onwards.