Tuesday, January 22, 2013

548. Hot Lemon Tea

The Chef inside me is back alive. I am addicted to Hot Lemon Tea. When ever I go to a eat out, I always look for Hot Lemon Tea.  

Finally I have found how to make my own Hot Lemon Tea. Thanks to Sanjeeta akka for teaching me how to make this. 

For all those who want to make Hot lemon tea at home, I am gonna help you all out here.

Hot Lemon Tea

To make Hot Lemon Tea for 4 people, you will need
1) I bowl of water
2) Half teaspoon lemon zest
3) Half teaspoon lemon juice
3) Half teaspoon of Tea leaves (Long leaves preferably)
4) Sugar/Honey to taste

Step 1

Boil water. If you do not know how to boil water, please see my inspiring post on how to boil water [ link ]. Once the water is boiled, switch off the stove.

 Step 2

Zest a lemon and make sure that you have 1 tsp of lemon zest. All you have to do is scrape the lemon peel and you have lemon zest ready.

Step 3

Now add the lemon zest, lemon juice, tealeaves to the hot water and close the lid to infuse the tea.

Step 4

Now add sugar/Honey to your taste. Hot Lemon tea is ready.

How to Drink this?

Take a warm water shower in the evening. Dry your hair , but not your body. Leave the hot water droplets on your skin. Put a chair on the balcony. Now drink the Hot Lemon Tea. Look into the starry sky. The feeling cannot be explained in words.

The recipe was given to me by Sanjeeta akka. She is a world famous food blogger/ food photographer / food stylist. Anyone will start cooking when they check her food blog [ link ]. Today she celebrates her 17th wedding anniversary. Chronicwriter conveys a wonderful Hot Lemonish wedding anniversary wishes to her.



  1. Your explanation on how to drink has many gaps... Hot water on skin so no clothes, car on balcony (reason not given), too many gaps I say

  2. No wonder my tea never tasted that good..I need to follow your 'How to drink this' rules next time..:) Thanks Prason for this lovely gesture!

  3. Ah, a lovely post. I prefer the iced variant, however, which is quite the popular drink in Hong Kong.


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