Tuesday, January 22, 2013

546. Dancing Together

How would it feel when

1) Some One waits for you even till midnight to have dinner with you?

2) Some One serves you bed coffee ?

3) Some One makes sure that while you sneeze in your sleep the speed of the fan is reduced and if you sweat the A/C temp is lowered ?

4) Some One makes your wardrobe look very much organized ?

5) Some One irons and keeps your clothes ready on the bed so that you can wear it after your bath ?

6) Some One wakes up early in the morning just for making breakfast and lunch for you and makes them ready even before you get up from the bed ?

7) Some One puts up with all your craziness and just admires you for that

8) Some One makes it sure that you don't lack anything?

These questions sound so filmy right? Well, I know of a certain someone  who does all these things and I am living with her for the last 500 + days. Yes, Joan and I have danced together for 500 days.



  1. awww! Congratulations! And here's wishing many more 500s together! Cheers!

  2. Congratulations! We have completed 2190 days today.

  3. :) puts up with all your craziness and just admires you for that. wifey's really pretty Prason. congratulations :)

  4. wow... it sounds very romantic.. and gud tips for the newbies:-) wishing you many more happy days to come:-)

  5. Whoa!! such a sweet post :)

  6. I scrolled down in hope of finding some humour (Trademark Chronicwriter style). But I was not at all disappointed to find that "Trademark Chronicwriter style" humour absent :) Trying new genres ? :D

  7. Somewhat Iron , Wardrobe , clothes , lunch , breakfast??? :) Slightly Chauvinistic my friend

  8. @alex palliveedan: It would be chauvinistic, if I am demanding on these things.. These are done out of love.. I do some things out of love too, which I have not detailed here :)

  9. Thanks everyone for those lovely comments

  10. 500 days ... and mostly its comprised of Iron , Wardrobe , clothes , lunch , breakfast .....

    Wow ... I think i must write somethin for me and Alamelu Akka ... My Maid ... !

  11. @alex palliveedan : haha.. that was cool.. There are some wives who don't do household chores and there are some who don't mind doing it


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