Monday, January 21, 2013

545. Being Short

Hey Shortie! When someone used that word, I would immediately turn around to see if they were calling me. I grew up being ridiculed for my short stature. Literally I did not grow up. At least I have grown older. There were times I have run inside my room crying "Why God! Why did you make me short?". There were times I have avoided going to certain places because of fear of being satirically cornered for my short stature. This post is about the trauma that I had to undergo all my life because of my height (or the lack of it)

When I was a little boy, my parents would give me this tonic called "Incremin". It was a sweet tonic. It had the picture of a giraffe on the box. When ever I drank a table spoon of Incremin, I would dream about growing as tall as a giraffe. It was the year 1992. I was a ten year old boy and the shortest boy in the class. The Barcelona Olympics happened during that year. I was sucked into sports and I liked the US basketball team. Magic Johnson was my favorite then. I would drink Incremin with hopes of becoming as tall as Magic Johnson. But it did not work for me. I never grew up.

In school, I was always made to sit in the front bench. My heart was always in the last bench. I was always curious to know what exactly happened in the last benches; but I never had the privilege to go near the last bench in my entire school life. In the school assembly, I would be the one standing right in front. I had to be extremely careful in presenting myself neat and tidy. The tall guys would make fun of me and would toss me around when ever they felt like doing it. I was thing too (I am still thin). So it was easier for them to knock me around when ever they felt like knocking me around. No body makes fun of a tall person. But the shorties are the ones who are targeted. 

Because of the height, people used to mistake me for a kid. I had to tell them that I was older. When ever we went out with friends and family, I was always made to sit on some one's lap. I never sat on the seat. Some body's lap was my seat. We had a Maruti Omni van. When every one sat in the seat, I was always made to sit in the boot of the car. There were times I wished I had a huge butt so that I could also get a separate seat to sit. The grass is always greener on the other side. Fat people want to become thin. Thin ones want to get fat. But when it comes to height, no one will want to become short. The shorties will know what I am talking here.

Did we (shorties) treat you all badly? Why then this treatment? In college, the shorties never get a girlfriend. The girls always prefer tall guys. To add salt to the injury, some porambokku (good for nothing) guy coined the phrase " Kallana nambunaalum Kullana Namba Koodaadhu" (You can trust a thief but not a shortie). I have heard this line many a time in my life. Everyone has a breaking point. As time went by, I started retaliating to insults about my height. When someone made fun of my height, I came up with some lines that would put them to shame. One such statement landed me in trouble and I was suspended from college for using that line on my professor (Not even my parents know about this till now). Yes some Professors also tease students when they are short. 

Now my emotional skin is so thick that it doesn't hurt when people call me a shortie. I just take it as a joke. Abdul Kalaam is short, Tendulkar is short (exactly my height). It is not the height that determines who you are. The soul inside that small body is the one that determines who you actually are. Next time you make fun of someone based on the looks and stature, just remember that you are actually making fun of people's stature and looks because you have a huge complex. Pula Kuttigala padikka veingapaa.

Note to Parents : If your son is short, don't put him through rigorous food diet and external training.   He will only grow to the point where his body will grow. Teach him values in life. That matters the most.

Note to Shorties : You will face people who ridicule you all through your life. Just ignore the insults and move on. The insults will never feed you and your family.

Live and Let Live



  1. Came here to read something humorous. Yes it made me smile, yet I have tears in my eyes when I read this. My son is going through the same phase now in college. He should read this one. Thanks Chriz for touching different people with the right post

  2. It is a crime to label people based on their physical attributes. Tall, short, fat, thin, dark, fair each person is unique and was made that way. If all were the same the world will be a terrible place indeed. He made them in his own image and likeness, mocking His work is mocking Him itself

  3. Each one is fearfully and wonderfully made by GOD ALMIGHTY.. :)


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