Friday, January 25, 2013

551. Brand does not Matter

Being a Marketer, I always know that building a good brand image matters a lot for the well being of a brand. One thing that is taught in marketing management is that the customer is the king and he should be served royally. But what happens in reality is that the customer is made to think that he is a king where as he actually is treated like a joker.  Check the following picture.

Both are white color T shirts. Both are made from the same finest wool. Both have the same texture. But, just because one T shirt has a small Tick logo, it has a higher price. The Brand- sensitive fools will buy the Costlier shirt and will treat the cheaper shirt with disdain and contempt.

Have you come across people saying that they wear only branded shirts? When ever I hear some one saying that, I always feel like telling them " It is not in the brand but it is in the mind". Even if one wears a costly branded shirt, if the guy does not have manners and if he does not know how to carry himself well, the shirt is of no use at all. At the same time a man who knows how to carry himself well will be able to project himself well even in torn clothes.

Remember one thing! Brand  Mind matters.

What ever said and done, we are still the kind of people who make assumptions based on external appearances. Our living room might look cool, but most toilets are not kept clean at all. Even in the drawing room the dirt is often swept under the carpet. Don't look at people and draw to conclusions. Look through them, and when you do that every person will look wonderful to you.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

550 . Naduvula Konjam _____ Kaanom

Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom is a Tamil movie that hit the screens. The movie talks about a guy who loses his memory and then regains it. This post is born from the title of that movie. This post has a tamil touch to it. But once when you see the pictures, you will understand the meaning.

1)Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom

2)Naduvula Konjam Mudiya Kaanom

3) Naduvula Konjam Roada Kaanom

4) Naduvula Thopulla (Belly Button) Kaanom

5) Naduvaiyae Kaanom

- Chr_______ter

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

549. Nagercoil Kalyaana Payasam

Payasam is a Tamil Dessert. It was selected as the tastiest dessert in the globe by the WFOT in the year 1999. If you have not tasted the nagercoil kalyaana payasam in your life, you have missed a big thing in life.

The payasam is usually served in a plantain leaf once you are done with the regular meal. The regular meal usually consists of 9 side dishes. 

There is a technique involved in eating this payasam. You have to mash a ripe banana and mix with payasam. The combination will look yukky; but it would taste yummy. You have to put your fingers in the payasam and lick all the fingers. If you break a papad and sprinkle the papad pieces in the payasam, it will give a crispy effect.

 In the picture you can see me eating payasam. This picture was taken 26 years ago. I was in UKG then. More over I was in love with Renu. She came to that wedding too. She sat right in front of me. That's why I gave this romantic look when this photo was clicked.

Even now when I attend any marriage in Nagercoil, I wait to taste this payasam in our own Nagercoil style. If you have not tasted this payasam in your life, visit Nagercoil soon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

548. Hot Lemon Tea

The Chef inside me is back alive. I am addicted to Hot Lemon Tea. When ever I go to a eat out, I always look for Hot Lemon Tea.  

Finally I have found how to make my own Hot Lemon Tea. Thanks to Sanjeeta akka for teaching me how to make this. 

For all those who want to make Hot lemon tea at home, I am gonna help you all out here.

Hot Lemon Tea

To make Hot Lemon Tea for 4 people, you will need
1) I bowl of water
2) Half teaspoon lemon zest
3) Half teaspoon lemon juice
3) Half teaspoon of Tea leaves (Long leaves preferably)
4) Sugar/Honey to taste

Step 1

Boil water. If you do not know how to boil water, please see my inspiring post on how to boil water [ link ]. Once the water is boiled, switch off the stove.

 Step 2

Zest a lemon and make sure that you have 1 tsp of lemon zest. All you have to do is scrape the lemon peel and you have lemon zest ready.

Step 3

Now add the lemon zest, lemon juice, tealeaves to the hot water and close the lid to infuse the tea.

Step 4

Now add sugar/Honey to your taste. Hot Lemon tea is ready.

How to Drink this?

Take a warm water shower in the evening. Dry your hair , but not your body. Leave the hot water droplets on your skin. Put a chair on the balcony. Now drink the Hot Lemon Tea. Look into the starry sky. The feeling cannot be explained in words.

The recipe was given to me by Sanjeeta akka. She is a world famous food blogger/ food photographer / food stylist. Anyone will start cooking when they check her food blog [ link ]. Today she celebrates her 17th wedding anniversary. Chronicwriter conveys a wonderful Hot Lemonish wedding anniversary wishes to her.


547. My reactions in College


546. Dancing Together

How would it feel when

1) Some One waits for you even till midnight to have dinner with you?

2) Some One serves you bed coffee ?

3) Some One makes sure that while you sneeze in your sleep the speed of the fan is reduced and if you sweat the A/C temp is lowered ?

4) Some One makes your wardrobe look very much organized ?

5) Some One irons and keeps your clothes ready on the bed so that you can wear it after your bath ?

6) Some One wakes up early in the morning just for making breakfast and lunch for you and makes them ready even before you get up from the bed ?

7) Some One puts up with all your craziness and just admires you for that

8) Some One makes it sure that you don't lack anything?

These questions sound so filmy right? Well, I know of a certain someone  who does all these things and I am living with her for the last 500 + days. Yes, Joan and I have danced together for 500 days.


Monday, January 21, 2013

545. Being Short

Hey Shortie! When someone used that word, I would immediately turn around to see if they were calling me. I grew up being ridiculed for my short stature. Literally I did not grow up. At least I have grown older. There were times I have run inside my room crying "Why God! Why did you make me short?". There were times I have avoided going to certain places because of fear of being satirically cornered for my short stature. This post is about the trauma that I had to undergo all my life because of my height (or the lack of it)

When I was a little boy, my parents would give me this tonic called "Incremin". It was a sweet tonic. It had the picture of a giraffe on the box. When ever I drank a table spoon of Incremin, I would dream about growing as tall as a giraffe. It was the year 1992. I was a ten year old boy and the shortest boy in the class. The Barcelona Olympics happened during that year. I was sucked into sports and I liked the US basketball team. Magic Johnson was my favorite then. I would drink Incremin with hopes of becoming as tall as Magic Johnson. But it did not work for me. I never grew up.

In school, I was always made to sit in the front bench. My heart was always in the last bench. I was always curious to know what exactly happened in the last benches; but I never had the privilege to go near the last bench in my entire school life. In the school assembly, I would be the one standing right in front. I had to be extremely careful in presenting myself neat and tidy. The tall guys would make fun of me and would toss me around when ever they felt like doing it. I was thing too (I am still thin). So it was easier for them to knock me around when ever they felt like knocking me around. No body makes fun of a tall person. But the shorties are the ones who are targeted. 

Because of the height, people used to mistake me for a kid. I had to tell them that I was older. When ever we went out with friends and family, I was always made to sit on some one's lap. I never sat on the seat. Some body's lap was my seat. We had a Maruti Omni van. When every one sat in the seat, I was always made to sit in the boot of the car. There were times I wished I had a huge butt so that I could also get a separate seat to sit. The grass is always greener on the other side. Fat people want to become thin. Thin ones want to get fat. But when it comes to height, no one will want to become short. The shorties will know what I am talking here.

Did we (shorties) treat you all badly? Why then this treatment? In college, the shorties never get a girlfriend. The girls always prefer tall guys. To add salt to the injury, some porambokku (good for nothing) guy coined the phrase " Kallana nambunaalum Kullana Namba Koodaadhu" (You can trust a thief but not a shortie). I have heard this line many a time in my life. Everyone has a breaking point. As time went by, I started retaliating to insults about my height. When someone made fun of my height, I came up with some lines that would put them to shame. One such statement landed me in trouble and I was suspended from college for using that line on my professor (Not even my parents know about this till now). Yes some Professors also tease students when they are short. 

Now my emotional skin is so thick that it doesn't hurt when people call me a shortie. I just take it as a joke. Abdul Kalaam is short, Tendulkar is short (exactly my height). It is not the height that determines who you are. The soul inside that small body is the one that determines who you actually are. Next time you make fun of someone based on the looks and stature, just remember that you are actually making fun of people's stature and looks because you have a huge complex. Pula Kuttigala padikka veingapaa.

Note to Parents : If your son is short, don't put him through rigorous food diet and external training.   He will only grow to the point where his body will grow. Teach him values in life. That matters the most.

Note to Shorties : You will face people who ridicule you all through your life. Just ignore the insults and move on. The insults will never feed you and your family.

Live and Let Live


544. Some Truths every Employer should know

Sometimes I come up with some serious articles like this. This time I designed a presentation on this topic. If any corporate needs a training session on this topic, I can be contacted at

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

543. Anya's First Train Journey

My daughter Anya has her own blog where she writes incidents from her life. I asked her to write a guest post in my blog and she readily agreed to it. When I asked her what she would write, she told me that she will write about her first train journey. Literally it is not her first train journey; but the first train journey with her mom and dad and when she could understand what's happening around her. Over to Anya.

Hi Uncles and Aunts,

I Anya. Baby Anya. I drink milk. Smile gigihaha. I say inga.

My dad call me paaappu kutty. I dont know what it means
My mom calls me Anya paaappu.

My mommy very gentle play with me.
My daddy very naughty. He always make noise and create sound in house.

December 2012 my papa (dad) and mom took me in a tunnel machine. Mommy said it was a train. It make sound kooo chuku chuku. In train, I sit in daddy's lap and then mommy's lap sometime.

One uncle pinched my cheeks in train. Daddy get very angry and shout him. I very happy that daddy protect me from that uncle. After that daddy pinched my cheeks. But I like daddy pinching my cheeks.

Mommy give idly, biscuit, milk and orange juice. I drink drink drink. I don't sleep in train.

One black dress uncle came. Daddy show ticket. He went away. Daddy say his name is ticket checker. He did not pinch my cheeks.

Mommy bring all toys in a bag. I play play and happy.  Night I suddenly sleep. Daddy also sleep. But mommy full night awake and sing for me. Morning I awake and daddy awake. Daddy come close to kiss me. But his mouth bad smell because no brushing. I cry loud. Daddy understand and brush the teeth and then kiss me. I smile now.

Finally station arrive. We all get down and go home sweet home



Thursday, January 10, 2013

542. The Nuances of wearing a Dhoti

I hate wearing dhotis (A white wrap around clothing for men in India). But I had no other choice when I did my MBA in Kerala. The college was a cool place to study in.(Rajagiri School of Management) . The professors were brilliant. The Dudes and Babes in the college were classy. We had to wear formal dress to classes. 

During festival season (Onam, Diwali, Holi) we had to wear dhoti to college. I am comfortable wearing three-fourths or pants; but I was always scared of wearing a dhoti because of the fear that it would fall anytime. The above picture is taken in our college bridge along with my classmates Nando and D'Cruz. 

Wearing a dhoti is very easy. All you have to do is wrap it around your waist, the same way you wrap a towel around your waist after a bath. 

For starters, 

1) Always wear a belt after you wrap yourself with a dhoti (referred to as mundu in malayalam)

2) Underneath the dhoti, you should always wear an underwear. A pattapatti underwear would be the best combination. Even if you don't have one, make sure that you wear a boxer underneath. Please wash the underwear and wear it.

3) Walk as if you have piles. Don't take long strides. For every long stride that you make, the chances of the dhoti loosening is more.

4) When you fold your dhoti make sure that you fold it only till your knees. Don't reveal too much of your thighs. 

5) Wearing a dhoti gives you the same feeling that a saree or a skirt gives to a girl. 

An unforgettable incident happened when I wore the dhoti for the first time in my life. I had already spoken about it long time ago. I am gonna write it again here because it would be a perfect end for this post. It happened in the year 2004.

Onam 2004

1)My first Onam.( Onam is a festival celebrated in Kerala)
2)My first mundu (dhoti) experience.( Mundu is a traditional MEN's wear in Kerala. It is similar to the Indian Dhoti)

Both these things happened on the same day.

The day started as usual...The alarm started its daily routine of trying to wake me up at 8 am..As usual my hand had enough strength to reach for the snooze Button and calm it down...I snoozed my way back into my dirty bedsheet... The alarm rang again at 8.15 am...My hand again came out of the bedsheet and searched for the alarm clock. But I could not find it.My MBA roomie( Joseph) moved it to a place which was out of reach.

I suddenly felt a pain on my Royal Posterior. I realised that it was the powerful left leg of my roomie that just kicked the brains off my lower back.My roomie kicked me again and this time I found myself out of the bed..Still wrapped in my bedsheet.. But, before he gave me a third kick which would have resulted in the sudden stoppage of my future generation evolution, I woke up....(Joseph! I hate your left leg)..

Having full faith in my roomie( I was / is straight.. and he was/is straight too), I allowed him to tie the knot around my waist( I am referring to the mundu). It was funny for me.I had doubts whether the mundu would stand the test of time and energy.But the belt that supported the mundu, gave me enough confidence.Oh! It was a great feeling to wear a mundu and walk around.The whole day went in a gala mood.Pookalam( Flower carpet decoration on the floor), vadam pulling( Tug of war), chakki and changaran( Mr and Ms Onam).and lots of other extempore games.. I had great fun... Little did i know that the real fun was yet to come..

The day was finally over; it was around three pm and I started my long walk back to the place where I stayed..(It was a long uphill road from the college).. The sun was beaming full of confidence..Suddenly my hip and the belt had a bi-lateral conflict and beforeI realised, I was walking without the mundu.. I was releived because I had a long kurta top.. I turned around and to my horror saw a bunch of senior babes walking behind me..What can i do? I closed my eyes and ran inside my room... I heard them giggle as they crossed my room and the giggles erupted into laughter when they saw me peeping out of the window... Wisdom struck me at the right time.. Our national leaders have gone through sufferings worser than this and what happened to me then was not a big deal..

So I boldly came out of the room,still in the same outfit only to find another bunch of babes walking towards me from the opposite direction. As I was a gentleman, I tried to have an eye to eye contact with them. But they were really shy. They were not looking into my eyes..Only after they went past me , it crossed my mind where exactly their gaze went to...Well as they say! great men have to go through struggles and trials.So I took it again in my stride.

- Chronicwriter

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

541. Do you know how to SLEEP

I  have mastered the art of Sleeping. I can do it with my eyes closed.

Sleep is a gift given to mankind. If one has  proper sleep, his day would be so great. People who have less sleep have many problems in life. 

There are two kinds of people
1) Those who stay late at night. They are popularly called as the night owls.
2) Those who wake up early. They are usually disciplined when it comes to time keeping.

I belong to the first group. I am never on time. I sleep late. I have swollen eyes and I love sleeping in the morning hours. I get irritated when someone wakes me up in the morning.

My favorite sleeping position is lying down on my sides, with both my hands safely locked between my thighs. When I sleep in this position I dream big. This is the position in which I make Abdul Kalam proud.

The worst thing is when I feel sleepy when I use facebook. It becomes a very tough choice to make. As I type this post, I remember how I used to sleep during my childhood and How I sleep these days. So let me take all of you down my memory lane. As I share my memory on this amazing gift called Sleep, most of you would relate to it and some would say "Hey I did that too". So sit back and enjoy this post

My sleeping style  - As a baby

When I entered this world, my parents lost their sleep. I used to be awake all night, pooping in my nappies and peeing the whole mattress. My mom tells me that I have the habit of sucking my toes while sleeping. Things became worse when I started sucking the toe of others. No one wanted to sleep next to me when I was a baby.

As a Young Boy

As a young boy , I had the habit of bed wetting. Now don't you guys give that dirty smile. I know many of you would have done that too. When ever I wet my bed, my dad made me to pick the whole mattress and dry it in the hot sun. The mattress would be very heavy. My sleeping sessions during those days were heavenly too. I often dreamt of eating cotton candies during my sleep. When I wake up in the morning, I would be shocked to see that I had actually torn the pillow and has eaten some cotton from the pillows. I was made to use air pillows to stop me from eating cotton from pillows. The bed wetting continued till I was ten years old. After that the frequency became less and I last wet my bed when I was 12 years old. I still remember that night. 

My dad used to tell me that he will put a cockroach inside my underwear if I continue to wet my bed. He should have just made this paper cup solution for me.

As a teenager

When I entered my teens, my love for sleep became so intense. I started sleeping in classrooms. I woke up very late in the mornings. I had school at 9 AM. I used to wake up at 8.30 AM. So some days , I had forgotten to brush my teeth and some days I went to school without taking bath. 

Sleeping between 4 AM and 8 AM is the amazing part of the sleeping life. My dad never liked it when he saw me sleeping on the bed after 6 AM. He would try all means to wake me up. He would switch on the tube light. The tube light would flicker for sometime and that would be so irritating for me. I would pull the bed sheet up and cover my face with it and get back to sleep. Next he would come near me and constantly say " Prason wake up" on my ears. When someone tells that once , it is ok. But when the same dialogue is repeated for an hour, you go nuts. I would still manage to sleep.

Then he would pull the bed sheet so that my face is not covered and he would use this opportunity to sprinkle some water on my face. I considered this as third degree torture. But I would still use the bed sheet and wipe my face, roll down to the other side of the bed and then continue sleeping. When nothing could stop me from sleeping, my mom enters the scene with something from the kitchen. If the morning breakfast is puri, she would enter the room with a puri kattai (a wooden cylindrical stick used to roll puri) and she would directly get into action. I was a Gandhian and I never liked Violence. Hence I would immediately wake up and head to school.

As a youth

As a college going boy, my sleep pattern changed. I started living with classmates in hostel and later in rooms. We never slept in the night. We spent our nights doing all sorts of nonsense stuff. We used our class hours to sleep.

As a married man

This was a period in which I learnt to share. No fights for the bed sheet. No pillow fights. I started living life - King Size. When you have a wife who wakes you up with a good morning kiss and a cup of hot coffee, what else do you need?

As a Father

Now I am a father of a 7 month old baby. She does the exact same stuff that I used to do. She is an amazing sleeper. She can sleep in any position and in any place.  I still sleep with my hands  placed between my thighs. My wife gets up early everyday. My daughter Anya and I are the lazy birds. We keep on sleeping. To stop me from this sleeping habit, my wife designed a plan. The plan is very simple- I have to baby sit my daughter after 6 am everyday. This is a very tough job for me because I love sleeping till 8 AM.  So when my wife wakes me up at 6 am and asks me to watch over my daughter, I started working on a plan to SLEEP as well as BABY SIT at the same time.

Finally I found this technique. This works perfectly fine.


Monday, January 07, 2013

540. Innocent Childhood

Many things that I did in my childhood had been silly things. I still do many silly things in life. One classic example is writing blog posts without even knowing how this blog post will end.

When I was young our teacher told us "Children you should CREATE history one day". Now a days we are doing the exact opposite of what she told ~ Deleting History. 

You might have just deleted your internet history. Your parents, friends might still think that you are clean. But you know who you really are. Even when we delete stuff on internet, some back up is stored somewhere. Today I remembered a lot of things I used to believe when I was a child. Now they indeed look silly; but during those days I seriously believed them. 

Things I  believed when I was a kid (Read as "I was made to believe)

1) I used to believe that medical practioners (doctors) never die.

2) I was made to believe that if peacock feathers will give birth to baby peacock feathers when they are kept inside a notebook.

3) I used to run around naked inside the house and when someone comes to our house, I would close my eyes thinking that no one could see my nakedness.

4) I used to think that news readers were actually sitting inside the Television. I used to go behind the TV and search for them

5) I was made to believe that if you fart silently while writing exams you will get 100 out of 100. I never got those full marks; but I used to do my part during the exams.

6) I was told that spiderman creates his web using chewing gum. I had the habit of chewing gum and pulling it out of my mouth with hopes of flying like spider man

7) My uncle used to tell me that my parents found me near a dustbin and the name of the dustbin was "Prason". I used to believe that I was named after a trashcan.

8) I used to collect HMT from the Indian One rupee coins with hopes of buying a HMT watch.

9) I thought that babies were born through the belly button. I used to close my belly button with my index finger while sleeping. Later when I realised that only women give birth to babies, my belly button was not disturbed anymore.

10) I was told that evil spirits are scared of the bible. Many a night I used to hug the big oxford dictionary while sleeping thinking that I was actually hugging a bible.

11) I was made to believe that if we sit on top of eggs, the eggs will hatch. 

Have you got any such memories? If so share in the comments section in this blog