Thursday, December 13, 2012

539. The unwanted evil called ADVICE

Advice is always the easiest thing to give to anyone and the toughest thing receive from others. I have the habit of reading advice columns in magazines, newspapers and in online forums. Some advises make me laugh out loud. In today's world everyone has something to advice others and if one has nothing to tell others, they can still copy paste some one Else's quote and advice others.

Man faces the problem of advises at a very young age. How to walk? How to eat? How to talk? How to smile... I remember handling corporate eating habit seminars for professionals. Someone in some part of the world has written articles on how to use a fork and a spoon and when this is taught to professionals, they try to even use the fork and a spoon even when the food is rice and vegetables served in plantain leaf. 

The other day I was having a conversation with some pet lovers who were discussing as if human beings are the worst creatures ever to walk on planet earth. " How can he hurt that dog?" said one lady. "How can that man whip that cow with that whip?" said another guy. The conversation went on and on with everyone talking in detail about how animals and birds are ill treated these days. Finally the conversation ended and we all thought we had a fantastic talk advocating for animal and bird rights. Then we paid the bill for the food we ate and went home. [ Two buckets of chicken wings]

We live in a world where we enter into conversations even when we don't know anything about whats going on. Even if we don't know anything, we can get little bit idea on the subject from wikipedia or google and that will be enough for us to act is we are masters in the subject. 

Many a time we follow unwanted advice given by others and start living our life based on those advices. I did my bachelors in Engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation field. Till now I don't know why I did that. Yes. I have a BE degree ; but I don't know anything about the Instrumentation field. Having a BE degree is no big deal these days. There is an engineering college in every nook and corner. The other day my friend and I were driving down the highway when he pointed to an old mechanical shop and said "That's where I did my Engineering". All this time I never knew that it was actually an engineering college. I was actually under the assumption that it was an old workshop.

How many of you reading this article is in the wrong place because you heeded to the advise given to you by someone who thought they are doing you a great favor? Everyone of us have an inner talent. We can make a living out of that talent and when we start realizing our potential and when we start doing what we love to do, we would understand the meaning of JOB SATISFACTION.

When you are about to pursue your dreams, many will surround you and say "You can't do it". Just IGNORE them. They are not YOU and they don't live your life.

Did I just give an Advice here? Oh yea! It is the easiest thing to do. Follow your dreams. Go break a leg readers.