Tuesday, November 06, 2012

537. Chronicwriter Photography.

Every Monkey that holds a camera is calling himself or herself as a photographer these days. Gone were those days when there were specialists in that field. Now everyone who holds a 2 megapixel mobile phone camera or even a calculator calls themselves as a photographer. If you have not become a famous photographer till now you can adopt the following steps and become a world famous photographer.

Step 1 : Click a picture with any camera (even mobile phones with 2 mp camera will do)
Step 2 : Change the original color of the picture into any shade of your choice (even your dog's choice doesn't matter)
Step 3 : Add a water mark " X Photography" ( X = your name)
Step 4 : Upload the photo on facebook and wait for likes/ shares/ comments
Step 5 : You have become a photographer
Step 6 : Start a Facebook page in X photography name.

When I was contemplating on this idea, I decided to start my own photography page and Here I am.

To check the fantastic photos of mine, you have to click the above link . Please like the page too. 

1) Birthday function photography

2) death function photography

3) Bangle putting ceremony for pregnant ladies

4) Turmeric powder applying ceremony

5) Boys drinking parties

6) Wedding reception

7) Love break up function

8) office parties

9) Baby photography

10) Events

11) Hidden camera photography

12) Candid photography

13) Fashion photography

14) Magic photography

15) Forest Photography/ nature photography

All types of photography handled here because we know all details

Please contact us for any photography needs, wants or desires. 



  1. Love break up "function?! :D

  2. lol.. :) Even I had the same opinion about the budding photographers!

    you missed out one more point : step 7 : buy a fancy camera which is expensive and go cliketcy click around grass and flowers !


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