Thursday, October 18, 2012

533. Stripping for a cause.

These days it has become a habit to shed clothes for a cause.

If you want to show your support for animals, then take home a pet animal and feed them. Stripping off your clothes and walking around nude does not help the animals in any way. I have often thought why PETA even encourages female models to strip and pose naked? How does that help animals? It only makes lot of young boys and many married men to ogle at these pictures and master the act of bating their desires to glory. (Enna solla vareinu puriyudhu illa? Arraichi pannaadheenga)

I have not seen men shedding their clothes for animals. If it happens (as in the above picture), would not it help the animals too? Then why aren't men shedding their clothes for animals. Where is the equality concept here? Don't the nudist models go through any puppy shame feelings? 

Another thing I notice these days is the over usage of sexual tones in advertisements. Almost all the body spray ads come with the "If you spray my product over your body, the girls will shed their clothes and run behind you". Namma ooru boys all will immediately go to the nearest shop, buy an axe deo and spray it all over their body with visualised expectations of what they  had seen on tv. See the print ad from axe deo depicted here. Why is that hand going there? Why would guys spray the deo on the crotches?  The most common place is the back and the armpits. The art directors for such ads have such gilugiluppu taste. 

The deos that we buy for approx Rs.100/- are no competition to the perfumes that are in the four digit rates. It is understandable that some sexual tone is given to an ad which places its emphasis on attraction factor. But why does a girl shed her clothes for a toothpaste ad? Beats me completely.

In this article, why am I adding a picture of the muscle flexing Vishal with well oiled body (forgot to take his bath) along with Sembatta hair Nayantara?

Did anyone note that Nayantara also has six packs?

Her six packs will definitely put Vishal's six packs to puppy shame indeed.



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