Wednesday, September 26, 2012

532. Happy birthday President

Today is our President's 80th birthday. I wrote a status message to wish him on his birthday. A friend corrected me saying that he was actually the Prime Minister and not the President of the country. It was a puppy shame feeling for me. I covered my face with both my hands and my heart pounded faster and faster and I came with a feeble come back saying if only he had opened his mouth, I would have known that. Talking about Presidents of the country, after the dynamic Abdul Kalaam's tenure, I seriously do not know who and all became the presidents of our country. Such were their presence in this country.

Manmohan Singh has single handedly given a scare to the Japanese Robotic industry. The Japanese are racking their heads to find a better and sophisticated Robot. After Manmohan Singh became the prime minister of our country smiley central introduced the following smiley 
 : |

On this wonderful day, I take this opportunity to wish our wonderful man a fantastic 80th birthday and as faithful citizens of the country, let us celebrate it with silence. These are some of the photos that were taken by our special reporter when rulers of various countries came to wish Manmohan Singh on his birthday.

One friend of mine Karthigeyan just made this amazing statement - " Prime Minister Manmohan has been our role model in our Viva and internals during our college days"

- Chronicwriter


  1. Role Model in Viva. Lol, at least for that people can proudly say we are following the footsteps of our Prime Minister :-)

  2. ROFLMASO :D chronicwriter is back

  3. As always - a cracker of a post, Chriz! One wonders if there is an end to the humour you can bring to any scenario. And if there isn't, and I hope there isn't, we are all lucky :) I could anticipate the reasons for 'President' in the title of the post. Well done!

    While, Dr. Singh's tenure would always be remembered for its "muteness", and that is never a great attribute for a leader at any level, he is among the finest "men" to have led the country. Perhaps, he's just a misfit in a world where deviousness is increasingly an asset. I will always remember him as among the greatest minds to have been the First Among Equals. :)

  4. yeea i did more than a smile ! that was the most gorgeously written post that i had read offlate


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