Tuesday, August 28, 2012

530. Scanning the reservation chart.

Remember the train journeys? Many young, single men could relate with this story. Many married men also fall in the same category.

It was the summer of 1999. I was in college. More than 600 miles separated my home and my college and every time I traveled home , I took a train. It is a customary practice for many boys to look at the reservation chart that is pasted outside the compartment.

Why do boys scan this chart ?

The following are the different reasons .
  • Boys go through the reservation chart to confirm their seat number.
  • Boys go through the reservation chart to memorize the names of all their co passengers to test their memory power
  • Boys go through the reservation chart to promote world peace.
  • Boys go through the reservation chart to find if there is any terrorist in the compartment
If you had picked any of the above options as the answer to the question, then you have not understood humanism at all.

Boys scan the reservation chart for only one reason - "Girls"
  • If a boy sees the name of a girl in the reservation chart, a small smile erupts in his face.
  • If the girl is a teenager or in her mid twenties, the smile broadens.
Immediately after seeing the girl's age, a boy will scan for the adjacent seats to find the probability whether the girl is travelling alone or with her folks. Careful primary analysis is done to also find if she is single or married.
  • If the girl's seat number is closer to his seat number, his smiling face is accompanied by a slow musical background score in his mind.
  • If there are more girls in the compartment, he feels like a king.
The boy would then memorize the name of the girl/girls and will use his memory power to search for the same girls in social networking platforms with the the hopes of making Abdul Kalaam's dream come true.

I have learnt many a lessons from my train journeys. I want to share those lessons here. You can take a leaf out of my experience and you can build a nest out of it and you can even hatch your plans in that nest.

  • If there is a girl in the same compartment, she will never have her seat next to yours.
  • If the girl is beautiful, she will be accompanied by her strict father who has a big mustache.
  • If the girl is extremely beautiful she will be on the phone with her boyfriend throughout the journey.
  • There will always be a newly wed couple who will emote public display of affection and will make you go mad.
  • Finally when you still attempt to add that girl on facebook, this is what facebook does to you.

Yes, it is an unfair world.

PS : The girl in the picture is some one I met in a train 5 years ago. Her name is Diana Victor. Now don't you dig my friends list on social networking sites with the hope of sending her fraansheep requests. It is still an unfair world indeed.



  1. :D True lessons those. Lol @ the 2nd lesson and ROTFL @ the third. :D

    I belong to the "samathu" league of boys who look at the Reservation chart only to confirm the seat numbers ;) (the *wink* is accidental. :D) I did meet someone in a train journey though eleven years ago, and she has become one of my dearest friends :) For that reason as well as your brand of fine humour that pervade this post, it made me smile.

  2. Loved the story, and the picture :D
    All thanks to social networking, I know who that really is :) ;-)

  3. I was starting to think that Chronicwriter has lost it in the blog world. You amaze me every time. There you rise up like a phoenix again. The only long standing humour blogger around.

    keep the good worl

  4. hahhaha funny! xD

  5. What about girls? Do you think girls scan the reservation chart the same way :P Ask Diana Victor :P:P

  6. Yaar saar antha figure and Bloody baskar there is no Diana Victor in your profile :D

  7. Boys go thru the reservation chart only to see if there are any girls sitting around them. If they find a female name in the list, they make sure to check out her age too so as to come to a mental conclusion of the desirability ;)

  8. i cannot deny any bloody single thing u have put down here :D


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